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Published: Sep 21, 2017

Interbike is always a good time for us.  Its a time for us to catch up and reconnet with peoole that we dont ge to see very often.  This year the is a transition year and the show leaving Las Vegas and heading to reno.  Still there is a lot to see and sample at the show.  Here are some of the cool and beautiful things we saw.

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Published: Aug 02, 2017

Interbike Moving Locations

This morning we got up to get on a conference call from the interbike communications department and  VP of interbike, Pat Hus. After attending interbike for 13+ years I have always heard talk that it should move to a different location. Apparently Las vegas can get old after so many visits. Well it looks like that will come into play.

Here is the ofifcal press release from Interbike.

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Published: Jun 24, 2017

A little History: Raleigh

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Published: Jun 20, 2017

While at this years Sea Otter we ran across a company, Alto Cycling. Alto Cycling makes some prey high tech hoops and so we took some time to hang out with them and pretty soon it was obvious that this was no ordinary wheel company. The first clue was when Bill Shook came over and hung out chatting with them for about 40 min asking questions and giving compliments on their hubs. If you know who Bill is then you know this is high praise. It’s really important that you get the know the company that you are getting your wheels from. Who are they?

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Published: Jun 06, 2017

So Father's day is quickly approaching and what do you get the guy that loves Cycling or Cyclocross? Well you don't get him a tie that he might wear once in awhile. So I thought I would chime in and put together a list of stuff that I know that he will use all of the time and he will appreciate it. So let's start with my picks,

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Published: May 18, 2017

Last week it was announced to us that the US distributor of Morgan Blue (Belgium Bike) would no longer be selling them in the US.

To Whom It May Concern,

For over 7 years BelgiumBike has been the #1 import company for Belgian quality cycling brands in the US.

One of its large product based brands, MorganBlue, was not in line with its US industry standards and customer service needs.

The company worked diligently for nearly a decade enhancing the business ethics around MorganBlue to create a better public image of the company.

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Published: Jan 30, 2016

This article is reprinted from the Sporza website:

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