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Sep 21, 2017

Interbike is always a good time for us.  Its a time for us to catch up and reconnet with peoole that we dont ge to see very often.  This year the is a transition year and the show leaving Las Vegas and heading to reno.  Still there is a lot to see and sample at the show.  Here are some of the cool and beautiful things we saw.

Sep 21, 2017
Sep 21, 2017
Aug 2, 2017

Interbike Moving Locations

This morning we got up to get on a conference call from the interbike communications department and  VP of interbike, Pat Hus. After attending interbike for 13+ years I have always heard talk that it should move to a different location. Apparently Las vegas can get old after so many visits. Well it looks like that will come into play.

Here is the ofifcal press release from Interbike.