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Skratch Labs Hydration

Review: Skratch Labs Hydration

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We Liked

In the last 5 years or so alot of attention has been on nutrition.  And rightly so, nutrition is finally getting the reconition for how important it is in athletic perforance.  A focus on real food and less processed has been the main messages that I have been hearing.  Dr. Allen Lim has been preaching that for a while with his athletes and they have found sucess in thier athletic performance.  Dr. Lim created Skratch labs out of a need from his athletes not being able to eat or drink what they were given by sponsors, so He created his own.  We got his hydration drink mix and beleow are a few of the things that we like about it.

  • Lots of flavors (5)
  • Easy to mix
  • No after taste
  • Subtle taste
  • Comes in single and 20 serving packs
  • Formulated by Dr. Allen Lim
  • Simple ingredients that are natural  

We Didn't Like

Before I say this I want to preference that I really like the single and 20 serving options. Why? the single serving are good for day trips and 20 is good for the weekend or slightly longer. So now that is out of the way.   20 services that 20 bottles right? Well I don't know about you but I usually use 1.5 to 2.5 bottles when I train. So that means it's really only about 2 weeks worth of workouts. Both are easy and convenient for travel. However, I would like to see a bigger option as well for someone that does not travel that often. So the only thing I didn’t like is I could not buy a 40 or 50 serving container.  

The Final Say

Dr Lim has plenty of experience doing nutrition for athletes before during and after they are training or competing. And when i say plenty I mean 10+ years… If you have been riding or racing for as long as I have you have experienced the gastric distress or the sticky taste in your mouth from sports drinks. Companies were putting more and more stuff in those drinks without any real science or reason why. Skratch Labs was started from Skratch with the goal to put only what you need and make it out of real food. This was reflected in his book “Portables” and its reflected in Lim’s drink mix. So how did we like the mix. We thought the mix performed just as advertised. It was subtle in taste and the thing I loved about it was that the taste cleared my pallet very quickly. No aftertaste to linger around. When you are turning yourself inside out you don't need a heavy taste or anything extra that will make it sit in your stomach. Every time I drank the Skratch hydration it went straight down and did not sit in my stomach and no aftertaste. It does exactly what its suppose to do. Hydrates me and allows me to focus on training and racing. Thank you Dr. Lim!  

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