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Review: Invigorade

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We Liked

  • Light taste, drinks like water
  • Not heavy on the gut at all.
  • The flavors are really nice and not over powering.
  • Wont give you a film on the inside of your mouth.
  • Low sugar content.
  • Very organic.
  • The first sports drink that we have seen to try and increase endurance with out just throwing calories at it. Theyhave added Beta Alanine to it.

We Didn't Like

  • Only comes bre mixed in 16 oz bottels So no dry mix to have to mix up your own bottels.
  • Does not disclose how much Beta alanine is in each one.
  • Its expensive $2.08 a bottle so $1.04 a serving, Scratch Labs is .98 a serving, HEED is .73 a serving, Gartorade Endurace is .65 a serving and OSMO is .50 a serving.

The Final Say

So initially I was skeptical as on the outside the drink has the same flashy marketing that you would see from other companies that don't really use any science and just throw everything into it including sugar and don't really know what they are doing. This is a perfect example of how science is getting more and more involved in nutrition. I really like the product a lot actually. It was super to easy to drink. Surprisingly, it drank like water but it didn't taste like water. It didn't upset my stomach at all and I was able to complete my work outs with out feeling like I needed more food. So in our books this drink did exactly what it was designed to do. However, to get the real benefits from the Beta Alanine you need to be taking it for a while. With this nutritional supplement you have to take it on a consistent basis. You have to acculmulate Beta Alnine it in your system to get the benifits. So I would not rely on it in the drink , go out and get some at the nutrition store and put it in your diet. The other thing we didn't like is that it does not come in a powder form. So its not very convent to transport and that makes it expensive. The guys at Invigorade want it to mix precisely right and in a powder form you would need to mix it up before you scooped it out into you bottle to get it close. Invigorade don't want close they want it right, exactly right. Having it premixed is a double edge sword though. You don't have to worry about mixing but the shipping/transport is expensive. This is why its the most expensive sports drink on the market. We suggested having it in a concentrate that you add to a bottle. They liked the idea and they just might do that in the future. Bottom line its expensive compared to the others on the market BUT it works really really well.. Sadly the convenience and price brings it down in score... IFInvigorage got its price and delivery form down it would probably be one of the best sports drinks in the world.

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