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Zipp Service Course Bar, Stem Post

Review: Zipp Service Course Bar, Stem Post

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We Liked

There are several place that we like getting packages from and Zipp as you can imagine is on the short list. In the regular world when we pick up a box we naturally appraise of what is it by how big the box is and how much it weighs. Same goes here. The only thing is you cant tell what they are going to put in a box. It could be anything from a sample pair of sun glasses to a full hydraulic group. So in this case I was guessing. Even though I could rule out wheels I didn't know exactly what was in it except it was from Zipp and the box felt almost empty for its medium size.

Zipp had sent me their service course bar,stem and seat post. Now everyone has been going carbon this and carbon that. And don't get me wrong carbon is a great material but they boys at Zipp also like Aluminum for its great properties. Lets face it cycling is an expensive sport and some times it hard to justify some of the toys that we put on our bikes and with cyclocross its more expensive because you need extras of just about everything and the nature of the sport is hard on the equipment to boot. This is where Zipp hits the mark with its light weight AND Durability service course line. I have to say that there is a value to the piece of mind that the seat post wont break during a remount or your not going to snap your bars or stem because of how hard your pulling on them. I would say that is Priceless.. Here are a few of my favorite things I like about this package.

  • Light weight
  • Stiff
  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Race proven by pro cyclocross racers
  • Style

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

We all want the best bike that we can get. And that means upgrading some things on our bike and in cyclocross we will crash and damage things on our bike. The Service course line from Zipp allows you to do just that. If you go and do some shopping and compare cost per grams of carbon to the Aluminum Service course line from Zipp you will see that not only are they just a few grams off but they are way cheaper. I have two identical bikes that I test stuff on. One has a carbon bar and post on it. the carbon bar flexes when I pull on it. The Zipp does not flex or flexes so little that I can't tell. So what is the bottom line? Who is the service course for? If you are hunting for a pro cyclocross contract then you should have the service course line because your going to race the hell out of your bike and you will put it through a tough season and you don't need that stuff to break. If your a local race that wants to upgrade then you should get the Service course line as well. The price per gram will make your family happy while feeding your cyclocross habit. Nice Job Zipp!

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