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Witz Sportcases Keep It Safe & Keep It Clear

Review: Witz Sportcases Keep It Safe & Keep It Clear

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We Liked

With the Keep It Safe or Keep It Clear cases by Witz Sport Cases I can always find those little items that would somehow always disappear inside my gear bag. I store lip balm a utility knike, a small sunscreen lotion and moist towelettes. The later the moist towelettes before storing in the Keep It Clear Case they were never moist after a couple of days. Nothing like smearing the dirt on better than with a dry towelette, since the case is airtight the towelettes stay moist. Yes I have used a zip lock baggies before but it would end up getting torn and then I have a dry towelette and that’s just one more item in a landfill for then next 1000 years. At $6.95 for solid colors Keep It Safe to $8.50 for Flower Print Keep It Clear case is a bargain that wil keep all those small easily lost items close at hand when you need them. Plus the Witz Cases are super durable to protect fragile items, to prove it I drove my care over the Keep It Safe Case and left the tire on top of it for several minutes, the case did crack but what ever would have been inside would be undamaged, any of the Witz Sport Cases offer great protection for a small cost.

We Didn't Like

Not a thing, great product for the intended purpose.

The Final Say

Just like all the other Witz Sport Cases I have reviewed the Keep It Safe or Keep It Clear cases are a great value and convenient way to store and organize any number or things. Keep one in you glove box, your purse, your gear bag in fact starting at $6.95 get several.

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