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Witz Sportcases ID Holders

Review: Witz Sportcases ID Holders

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We Liked

Either the ID Locker or the See It Safe are handy little cases to hold small thin items like ID’s Credit Cards, Racing License, Business Cards and small amounts of cash. I keep the See It Safe attached to my gear bag so I never forget my racing license. I keep the ID Locker clipped to the inside of my Hydro Pack with small amount of cash and business cards for when I see a poor soul in need of skills coaching. The cases are easy to open or close with gloves on and have never just opened on their own. The key to the easy open close is the angled lid – main body on all Wits Sport Cases the latch closes with very little effort and is then completely water proof even when submerged. I have use some other cases that have flat lids to box and they need far more effort to close, open and to keep the contents waterproof not so with any of the Witz Sport Cases. With many colors and patterns to choose from there is something for everyone’s taste

We Didn't Like

Not a thing great product for the intended purpose.

The Final Say

Since using the See IT Safe Case that in clipped to my gear bag I have never forgotten my racing license and now always have a few business cards to hand out that are not torn, wet or both. The bright translucent color always catches my eye so easy to find. Both the See It Safe and ID Holder are easy to open and close even with gloves on and stay securely latched closed when they need to be. At a price of $6.50 everyone should have one or more.

Witz Sport Cases are available in a multitude of sizes, styles at an affordable price you can have one for just about all small things you take with you. Check out the pre filled kits like the Dog Care Kit, First Aid Kit or Locker, Sun Care and Travel Kits make great gifts.

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