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Witz Sportcases Eyewear Cases

Review: Witz Sportcases Eyewear Cases

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We Liked

I just love the Witz Sport Cases to keep things organized, better yet protected like $300 eyewear. The Lens locker and Wrapper are no exception. The Lens Locker is designed to hold traditional style eyewear. I use mine to store my driving glasses in the car. I am now never without them when I need them and are always were I left them, clean, straight and dust free. The Wrapper is designed for wrap around sport eyewear. I keep my favorite pair of cycling glasses safely stowed and attached to my gear bag. I will be getting more in different colors because if you are like me you have several different pair of eyewear with different lenses, so just by looking I know what pair is what case. Yeah I know I’m a freak. But on a already stressful race day the last thing I want to do is look for something I view as essential yet alone find my favorite pair of glasses broken because the standard case that came with them offers very little protection.

We Didn't Like

Not a thing, great product for the intended purpose.

The Final Say

For a far better case than what came with your expensive or not so expensive cycling eyewear Witz Sport Cases has the solution for you. Just choose either the Lens Locker or the Wrapper for superior protection that is water and dust proof and nearly indestructible. $10.95 is a small price for the level of protection and convenience the Wrapper or Len Locker provide.

Witz Sport Cases are available in a multitude of sizes, styles at an affordable price you can have one for just about all small things you take with you. Check out the pre filled kits like the Dog Care Kit, First Aid Kit or Locker, Sun Care and Travel Kits make great gifts.

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