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Review: WINDMAX Helmet

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We Liked

Technically Cool Aero look (TCAL)

Lets face it, If there is one thing that the Italians know that's style. This helmet has enough style that it could have its own fashion show. This helmet come in 3 colors, Red, Black and White. We got the white. Now most helmets have color but most don't have different materials. On the Wind Max half of the helmet is in a shiny white carbon. Now you take this with the shape of the helmet and you have a very cool looking helmet that looks like it slices through the wind like a light saber though tissue paper. The wind max has a unique feature that I haven't seen in other helmets. Just like the Tokyo Drift cars the Wind Mad actually has a spoiler on the back. I don't think that this will give you the special ability to do drifting while on your cross bike. But it is inspiring and "drifting" is a great skill to have as a cyclocross racer.

In this day and age it nice to have the saying "You get what you paid for" and its certainly rings true with the the Wind Max. With a price tag of $299.00 you get a list of features that will make wearing this helmet a more enjoyable experience. The Helmet comes withBug netting,extra pads,sun visor and aHelmet bag. I mentioned this because there are other helmets in this price point that don't offer the same features as the Wind Max.

We Didn't Like

You should try the helmet on to make sure of the fit. Rudy makes this helmet in 2 sizes. S/M and Large. Unfortunately for me I am in between both of these sizes. I'm a "MaLarge". So if you measure your head and you find your measurements right on the cusp, Go up... So I would say Rudy can you make this helmet in 3 sizes please?

On a side note I would like to see Rudy have available sizing for the decal people so if a club wants to put a sponsor on the helmet the Decal company can get the dimensions from the Rudy web site. The decals would fit precisely and would look pro.

The Final Say

Rudy Project has been producing technically cool gear for a long time and this is yet another technically cool product in a long, long line. Do you want that Euro styling with all of the cow bells, Whistles and air horns that you need to go a hard as you can with out fear for your safety. A lot of other helmets do not match the RP Air Max with all of the features that it offers. Weight, Insect net, extra padding, and a helmet bag are what you get. Not to mention that it has white carbon on most of the helmet. and we all know that carbon is SEXY. The Rudy Project Air Max comes through at wrap speed with all of your needs so all you have to say to your body is.... Engage!

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