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Trail Rail Single Light System

Review: Trail Rail Single Light System

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We Liked

Made in the USA ! Platform integrated technology

High quality materials and construction

Unsurpassed durability

Functionality beyond your bike

The first review I did for Trail Rail was for the GPc “GoPro” Camera Handlebar Mount Systems definitely the best way to securely mount your GoPro to your bike. Read the full review here

Just like the mounting system for the GP camera the materials used are the same high quality materials and construction that the tactical mounts Navy Seals, Special Force’s, and SWAT teams use for their weapons, that being machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum billet finished to MIL-STD-8625 class II, black & sealed with stainless hardware and neoprene ID's for vibration dampening and a no scratch fit. In all the Trail Rail system will hold up to the harshest conditions and are built to last.

Platform Integrated Technology

Trail Rails platform based integration utilizes a combination of three integrated components: The Platform, the Rail and the Adapter/Interface. The same Platform (a.k.a. mount) is integrated into all of the Trail Rail systems. There are different style Rails (i.e. ring rails, seat rails, etc.) and there are different Adapters/Interfaces (i.e. lights, camera, phone, etc.)

The heart of the Trail Rail system is the TRUV MOUNT this is the platform that connect to the rail that is a handlebar “HB” Ring Rail for their Light Systems and the adapter in this case a Single Ring Adapter for the single light, whereas a Double Ring adapter would be used for a Double Light System. The slick part is that once any one of the Trail Rail rails being a HB Ring Rail (HB), Post Ring Rail (VP), Genesis Rail, or a Seat Rail moving the light or camera to another location is fast and simple but more importantly far more secure than any other light system I am aware of. The see all the option take a look at the Individual Components.

For the illumination part of the single light system the consumer has the choice of three different Ultra Fire Flashlights to choose from 400 Lumen at $200, the 800 Lumen at $205, 1000 lumens at $207 and a 1200 Lumen at $215 are the two units I am testing and reviewing. These same lights can be combined in a double light system ranging from 800-2400 lumens and a quad light system can go as high as an incredible 4800 lumens! The only part that changes with the mounts is the ring adapter being a single or double adapter the quad uses 2 doubles.

The single light system includes one 18650 3800mAh 3.7 Rechargeable Li-ion battery and a battery charger.

The Ultra Fire Flashlight models I tested have a 5 mode switch: steady light of high / middle / low is accomplished by a half press of the switch, a full press will change from steady light to strobe / SOS. The 800 lumen Ultra Fire light that is specked with the system has a CREE XM-L T-6 bulb rated to operate up to 1200 lumens. The light engine is essentially tuned down to give the best light output while running cool for a high output light for safety, reliability and longevity of use. The 1200 lumen model uses the same bulb engine though is regulated differently through the switch.

On high on a full charge I was getting right at 90mins of very usable light at a 60 degree spread on the 800 lumen model, the1200 lumen model on high I am getting 50min. For testing I really wanted to see how long the light would run on the high mode only. Longer run times are achievable by switching to the low or medium setting when climbing and non technical sections as I usually do. For even longer run times or you want maximal illumination at all times carry a spare battery or two as I do and at $16 for two great value, changing out a battery takes less than a minute.

Using the Trail Rail light on high 800 lumens is really bright on the road and non-technical trails the 800 lumen model is more than enough light when on high, non technical climbing and commuting I would use the light on med or low with the light mounted on the bar I like mine under the bar, just looks cleaner.

Since it has been unseasonably warm with almost no snow here in the Colorado Front Range night riding season has been epic. My typical night ride right out side my door is Green Mountain, Dinosaur/Dakota Ridge and Mathew Winters. Dinosaur/Dakota Ridge is short and somewhat technical trail with a few jumps, drops and many steep very rocky sections. For this trail I run the 800 lumen light on the bars and the 1200 lumen mounted to my helmet with a prototype mount for a trail dominating 2000 lumens. Look for the Trail Rail helmet mount soon. Without a doubt his is the set up that I will use for my trail riding by using the handlebar light all the time and switching on the helmet mounted when needed. With this set up I am able to ride just a bit slower trough the technical sections compared to daytime. The light worked very well the light throw is ample and a 60 degree spread illuminates a bit out to the side but not so much light is wasted on the unimportant. I wish I had a good enough camera to show you how really bright this is.

The best part is that the mount is so secure the light does not shift when landing a good size drop, jump or even a crash the light remained pointed right where it was when I started. Though having a single light on the bars, on fast single track moving along at 15-20mph I was not out running the single 800 lumen light on the handlebar. For commuting the light in the low and medium mode is more than ample and will give the user run time up to 3 hours on a single charged battery.

Off the bike is another area the Trail Rail Single Light System outshines other bike light in functionality is by detaching the light from the mount it is a great tactical flashlight that can be operated and held in one hand something you can not do with most other bike lights. Weight wise the single light system is lite too, complete with battery, mount and 31.8 ring rail tips the scale at 234g a spare battery is 30g.

We Didn't Like

Really nothing at all I would like to have the option to choose some different reflectors like a narrow spot or wide angle to customize a bike and helmet combo.

The Final Say

With the Trail Rail Light System be it a Single 400 lumen system to the amazing 4800 lumen Quad light system you get a highly functional light system that is good looking, ultra tough, incredibly secure. A package that can only be achieved by utilizing Trail Rail’s Platform Integrated Technology. With PIT you can switch accessories from bike to bike different locations fast and easy. I took the light off and attached the GoPro camera in under 60 seconds. With Trail Rail you get illumination domination! See all the Trail Rail products at their home page http://www.trail-rail.com/

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