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Trail Rail Multi Use Bag

Review: Trail Rail Multi Use Bag

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We Liked

Made in the USA !

Platform integrated technology

High quality materials and construction

Unsurpassed durability

Functionality beyond your bike

If you have read previous reviews for Trail Rail the above list must be getting old but to be really honest it is 100% true. My latest item is a Multi Use Tactical Bag that I have found many uses for on and off the bike. On the bike it’s a saddle bag holding those necessities you need on any ride so your not stranded, or hold any number items securely like my lactate testing supplies when out on rides with clients to conduct field tests. Off the bike the bag snaps onto a belt for easy access to items I want quick access to. The bag itself is super high quality Condor brand, that is lightly padded, double stitched heavy duty Velcro, heavy duty denier nylon, heavy duty dual zipper with pull tab loops. The main compartment has two small pockets inside for organization of tire levers and a small multi tool. Outside there is a small flap pocket with heavy duty Velcro and a clip closure, perfect for a smart phone.

The bag can be had in three versions the Bag only for $12.50 great for hunters and hikers, for $35 with the CABA interface and for $68.25 with CABA interface and TRUV Mount. The later makes the bag work with Trail Rails Platform Integrated Technology utilizes a combination of three integrated components: The Platform, the Rail and the Adapter/Interface. The same Platform (a.k.a. mount) is integrated into all of the Trail Rail systems. There are different style Rails (i.e. ring rails, seat rails, etc.) and there are different Adapters/Interfaces (i.e. lights, camera, phone, etc.)

We Didn't Like

Would be nice to have away to secure the belt loop out of the way other than that what’s not to like it's Trail Rail!

The Final Say

As with all Trail Rail products there are multiple uses, multiple ways to mount, the Small Multi Use Tactical Bag is no exception.The attention to detail isn’t just in the actual products but the packaging is first class the box is 100% made from recycled material, packing materials are fully biodegradable and looks great on the shelf for the retailer. The Small Multi Use Bag makes great gift pair it with a HB or VP ring rail to securely mount what matters to you safe while on your next adventure.

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