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Trail Rail GPc Camera Handlebar Mount System

Review: Trail Rail GPc Camera Handlebar Mount System

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We Liked

  • Made in the USA !
  • The Platform Integrated Technology
  • High Quality Materials and Construction
  • Unsurpassed Durability
  • Great Looks
  • Ease of use able to change camera locations quickly and easily no slowing down the fun.

REVIW: By chance I happened upon the Trail Rail both this last year at Interbike and met the founders of Trail Rail Vincent Basile and his sister Jennifer Basile. First thing I said was sweet looking tactical mounts! The samples on display look very familiar to my scope and tactical light mounts I have on many of my guns. Finally someone making super high quality bicycle mounts for lights, GPS units, cameras, pumps that will hold up to years of use, are functional and look great as well.

I love the image quality and the almost indestructible case of the GoPro™ HD reviewed earlier here on CrossBikeReview. Though if you are like me wish there was a better more durable, better-looking and more functional mounting solution. The GoPro™ mounts by Trail Rail are what you have wished for and is the ultimate GoPro bicycle mounting system. Like me I am sure you have lost or broken parts from the stock handlebar seat post mount. Usually I break a pivot arm assembly, it is the little plastic piece that turns the camera 90 degrees. When you do break one of the pivot arms your GoPro™ goes flying off the bike, hopefully you notice it quick or your buying another one. Another situation is you may want to move your GoPro™ to another location like Seat post to handle bar on your bike quickly and easily but the difficult to loosen and tighten thumbscrews are a pain to use and you need to insert one of the pesky pivot arm assemblies to make it work, now everyone in your ride group is waiting on you. I also need to use a screwdriver to get the stock handlebar seat post mount tightened enough if not the mount rotates and the shot you thought you had is not there.


#1 Trail Rail uses the same high quality materials and construction that the tactical mounts Navy Seals, Special Force’s, and SWAT teams use for their weapons, that being machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum billet finished to MIL-STD-8625 class II, black & sealed with stainless hardware and neoprene ID's for vibration dampening and a no scratch fit. In all the Trail Rail system will hold up to the harshest conditions and are built to last.

#2This is called Platform Integrated Technology. Trail Rails Platform Based Integration utilizes a combination of three integrated components: The Platform, the Rail and the Adapter/Interface. The same Platform (a.k.a. mount) is integrated into all of the Trail Rail systems. There are different style Rails (i.e. ring rails, seat rails, etc.) and there are different Adapters/Interfaces (i.e. lights, camera, phone, etc.)

I received two assemblies from Trail Rail to test, a V3500 GPc-VP that is a vertical post mount assembly and a V3500 GP-HB a handlebar or horizontal bar mount assembly for the GoPro™ camera. The individual parts are the (V1000) TRUV mount being the Platform. The GP Adapter (V3500GP) or C Link Adapter (V3500GPc) being the interface the difference is the GPc is a curved arm and the GP is straight they articulate side-to-side and both attach to the TRUV mount depending on the need of the mount location. The Rail being either a horizontal HB Ring Rail (V2200) or the vertical VP Ring Rail (V2400) both styles are available in several ID’s (see side bar) all very slick.

Using the Trail Rail Mounts with my GoPro™ the image was even better due to less vibration, and the camera stays put to where I have it aimed to matter how rough the road or trail is so I have a much better chance of getting the shot or angle I was after. Moving the camera from one location to another is very simple and quick. You do need to have an allen wrench, that are supplied, along with some spare stainless nuts and bolts. Simply loosen then single bolt on the TRUV mount and remove it from the Ring Rail leaving the camera attached to the GP or GPc adapter and reattach to a Ring Rail that is already attached to another location. All in all it takes about a minute from start to finish. Bam your ready to get another great action shot from another angle without slowing down the fun everyone is having.

We Didn't Like

Being a bit on the spendy side at $175 - $185, single Ring Rails are $85 but they are on a $5000+ bike so I’m not complaining much and they will outlast the bike and you. Update price has been reduced to $124.00 for the GPC Camera Handle Bar Mount System

I would like to see the nut and lock washer on the GP Adapter (V3500GP) or C Link Adapter (V3500GPc) replaced with a insert like on the (V1000) TRUV mount would really clean up the interface.

Trail Rail GoPro Assemblies still earns a solid 4.5 Cowbells but I will give up the other half being made right here in te USA.

The Final Say

The (V3500 GPc-VP) and the (V3500 GP-HB) assemblies for the GoPro™ camera are a prime example of the tough / tactical mounts made by Trail Rail for the most demanding of riders and their rides. As the Trail Rail web site states “Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum billet, the fit, and finish of the Trail Rail Mounting System is an unsurpassed durable product that is vertically manufactured to last in harsh environments. Trail Rail Mounting Systems means: No more cracked plastic or slipping O-rings, and no worn or ripped dirty Velcro straps.” I’m looking forward to seeing more from Trail Rail. Check out all the mounts and accessories from Trail Rail including the light systems the at their online store at http://www.trail-rail.com/

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