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Time Expresso 7 Pedals

Review: Time Expresso 7 Pedals

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We Liked

 I must confess that the only reason that I got the Time Xpresso pedals was because TIME sent me their new road shoes to review and the only pedals that I run are speed play. The new shoes by TIME are only 3 hole Look style drilled. So I could not use my own pedals.

Here is the other thing. I have only used TIME off road pedals. In the 36 years of racing my bike I have never used TIME road pedals. Why? I never got TIME’s concept of their clipless pedal system. I had buddies that used TIME’s road shoes and pedals and I just stuck with the good old Shimano platform.

Right out of the box: WOW these things are cool! They are light as all get up at 98g each and a nice carbon body. Keep in mind that is a hollow steel axle. I found myself unable to put them down for long periods of time without playing with them. If the Box was nearby I had to get a pedal out and play with them.

On the road: I have been riding speedplay road pedals for the last 10+ years and Im pretty use to the double sided entry pedal and I love that feature. I hate having to search for that one side that I can click in on. I remember back in the day using my shimano pedals and placing my foot on the wrong side of the pedal only to have my foot quickly slide off. However, I didn't have that problem like I thought I would with the TIME Xpresso Pedals. I found them very easy to get the correct side. Time and time again starting out from a light with one foot on the ground yielded an easy click into them.

The click: Another unique feature is the spring mechanism that TIME is using in their pedals. TIME calls it the IClic system. Normally a clipless pedal uses a spring and you hear a very distinct snap or click when you click into the pedal. However the TIME Xpresso pedals uses a thin flat blade of carbon fiber as the Spring. In addition to this cool feature the pedal is pre opened and this makes getting into the pedals even easier. We found that this is probably the easiest pedal to click into. With a large surface area Here is a Video to watch how the magic happens here .  

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

Its been a long time (no pun intended) since I have used a road pedal other than Speedplay or a look style pedal. Those are the only 2 clipless systems that I have ever used in fact. I was really surprised at how easy the Time system was. Getting in and out was a breeze and the pedals are very competitive in their weight class (99g each). For the money they are going to be really hard to beat at $110.00 US. To me, for their performance, weight and price they are a bargain when you compare them to other pedals systems that are on the market.  

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