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Time ATAC XS Pedals

Review: Time ATAC XS Pedals

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We Liked

When off-road pedals first came onto the clipless scene back in the day, a French company called TIME came out with these funny looking pedals. I even remember thinking "Boy are those weird looking!" Of course time would tell how good these pedals turned out to be. Once clipless migrated into the cyclocross scene, TIME pedals were the standard to which everything else was measured. The basic design has not changed much over the years, but it has evolved. To this day, the TIME designers have ensured that they are still really easy to get in and out of. They also offer a good-sized platform (target) to put your foot on after you have remounted and are accelerating back up to speed. So what about the release? Well it's really important to get a quick and easy release from the pedal system as you are blazing towards a 40cm barrier that has been staked into the ground with steel rebar. As every cross rider knows, you have to get as close as possible to that barrier, which is subjected to hundreds of crazed racers and multiple impacts throughout the day. Bottom line: the barriers don't move! I was reminded about this firsthand at last year's U.S. Grand Prixe in Portland, OR. Fortunately, TIME's pedals come with a low spring tension allowing them to quickly and easily release in just about any condition. Good job there! Now that we appreciate getting out of pedals, let's not forget that getting back into them swiftly is a big deal too. The TIME ATAC pedals have lived up to their reputation in this function as they are very easy to get into. As mentioned earlier, the TIME pedals come with a low spring tension which means that you don't have to apply a lot of force to move the spring back to click in. An added bonus is that the "open arch" has a wide area giving ample room to clear the debris surrounding the cleat after running in muddy conditions. The ATAC XS pedal offers a nice large platform for putting your foot on. In fact, it has one of the largest surface areas (2.75" x 2.75"!) when compared to other pedals that we have evaluated. This is definitely a bonus for muddy days when your cleat misses the pedal binding to click in, forcing you to ride on the arch or heel of your foot until you can find the sweet spot of the shoe and pedal to get clicked back in.

We Didn't Like

The TIME ATAC XS pedal could be lighter as the pedal market is very competitive these days and everyone is improving their production line. The ATACs are not the lightest (350g) on the scale for the price, so we would like to see them go on a diet.

During the evaluation process, we discovered that the pedal can have a hard time in extreme conditions. If the mud is really thick, it may take a little extra work to click into the ATAC.

At CROSS BIKE REVIEW.COM, we are big fans of serviceable gear to extend the life of our equipment. We would like to see the ATAC's be more end-user service-friendly. After searching the TIME website, we could not find any blueprints, instructions, or service guides that showed part numbers or how the pedal was assembled. However, there is a Service Department for TIME pedal warranty and repair services. Be sure to get a Return Authorization Number before sending them in.

The Final Say

TIME pedals have been in the off-road scene for a long time and have a rich history of making excellent pedals for cyclocross. The TIME ATAC XS pedals are clearly no exception to this lineage. The ATAC's would serve any racer very well in just about any condition while offering years of great service on the muddy road to cyclocross pain and glory.

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