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Tifosi Dolomite with Backcountry Orange Fototec Lens

Review: Tifosi Dolomite with Backcountry Orange Fototec Lens

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We Liked

The great looks of the Dolomite full frame looks good to great on a wide range of face sizes. I have a small to medium size face and at first thought these might be to large on my face in fact they look great. These frames look great while just wearing or with a helmet. Since the earpiece arms are not bendable some people may not be able to have them on under helmet straps though. The lenses are securely held in place so they just do not pop out, though by simply bending the outside edge of the eye frame and a push from behind they are removed for a change of lens. Those not experienced with Tifosi eyewear may feel they are bending too much or pushing too hard and may damage the frame have no fear, the complete frame is made from nearly indestructible Grilamid TR-90. As I have stated before in other Tifosi Optics reviews over many years I have yet to break a single Tifosi frame or lens. Like all other Tifosi eyewear the hydrophilic nose and earpieces actually do stick to your face and ears when you sweat. The back Country Orange Fototech lens with a 45 – 15% light transmission works best in flat light situations found on trails and close to dusk. The Fototech lenses change from lightest to darkest very quick and give the wearer a bit of a range so no need to change the lenses as the light conditions change a bit. The Back Country Orange lens considerably brightened the field of view while ripping through the trees so I was able to push it in the corners just a little bit more. When coming out of the trees into an open meadow section with brighter light the lenses darkened quickly though not detectable to the wearer. Very cool indeed. A great feature of the Tifosi web site is that on every frame style page there is a sizing image so the user can get a very good idea of how a pair will fit.

We Didn't Like

I would like to see the Dolomite come with an adjustable nose bridge with my narrow nose they would get pushed back to close to my face and would have a tendency to fog a bit when going slower like extended climbing.

The Final Say

For a great looking sport fashion eyewear with great technical features the Tifosi Dolomite with the Back Country Orange Foto Tech Lens is a near perfect fit for the technical rider. The Tifosi Dolomite sits well in both worlds simply All Show and All Go!

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