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Tifosi 20th year Rail Race

Review: Tifosi 20th year Rail Race

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We Liked

Light weight

Full coverage

Interchangaable lenses

Several options avaiable

Comes with extra lenses, 3 total

comes with hard case and soft case

Won't break the bank

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

So, its been 20 years and to commemorate the anniversary Tifosi has made the rail race in a chrome version for celebrate all of those years. I have a lot of good things to say about the Rail Race. Lets start with the current state of affairs in the US shall we? No political statements here but everything is more expensive. One of the big things that is so appealing about this range is the price. You get a lot for 79.99! This is a lot less than other glasses that are costing 2 to 3 times as much. For your money you get the glasses, a hard case and a set of clear lenses and a soft case. We got our set at Sea otter this year so we were able to try them out in the bright Cali sun. I was impressed with the optics that the Rail race offers. The bright Cali sun can put a stain on your eyes in the spring and summer. When we wore the Rail race Chrome anniversary edition our eyes were thankful for the cool dark lens. The Wrap around lens gave excellent perifacial protection and there was no distortion. The lenses also have some vent holes in them to allow air flow and help from fogging up while you are out there turning the pedals in anger. So what is our verdict? The fact that the company has been making sport glasses for 20 years and that these glasses check a lot of boxes of price, weight, optics and features make them a winner for us!

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