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Team Edition Tool Kit

Review: Team Edition Tool Kit

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We Liked

What is not to like about this set up!  25 functions from 19 professional grade bicycle-specific tools.  This is literally anything and every thing you would need at a bike race execpt spare parts.  So I thought I would list out all of the dffernt features that you get with this package.

  • Ergonomic, overmolded file tread grips for precision, comfort and style
  • External attachment and internal support structure for mounting on Feedback Sports work stands
  • TPU-coated travel case is abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, resistant to greases and oils – built to last
  • Organizational elastic banding keeps everything in it’s place and offers space for additional tools
  • Allen Wrenches – 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6mm
  • Torx® Wrenches – T25/T27/T30
  • 6 & 8mm L-handle Allen Wrenches
  • Magnetic-Tipped Screwdrivers – Flat blade 3 & 4.5mm; JIS Phillips #2
  • Shimano Crank Cap Tool
  • 15mm Pedal Wrench
  • 15mm Bolt-on Axle Nut Tool
  • Steel Core Tire Levers (2)
  • Spoke Multi-Wrench
  • Valve Extender Wrench
  • Valve Core Tools – Schrader and Presta
  • Rotor Truing Tools
  • Precision Chain Pin Press
  • Cassette and Disc Brake Rotor Lockring Wrench
  • Cassette Pliers
  • Cable Cutter and Cable Crimper
  • And several more…
  • At 9.8lbs (4.5kg), hitting the road with this tool kit is never in question
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

If your like me then you will remember back in the day having a tool box you would have evey time you went to a race. It was big, boxy, combersom and heavy. All of your tools were in there all piled in no particualr order. You probbly had tools in there that you dont use anymore. If you needed something you would have to dig it out. So this is defantly a step up and these guys have thought of eveything you would need to take care of jsut about eveything when you are out on the road away from home. Only Feedback sports put it in a well organized traper keeper. Eveything has its home and its ment to be either hung on a bike stand OR laid flat on a work bench. This kit is a great investment because it wont take up space it has evey tool you need for road, MTB and CX. Its compact and lays flat for travel. All of the tools are a high quality and will last for years to come. It even has slots for more tools if you need more. Check out the Video here.

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