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T-Handle Tool Set

Review: T-Handle Tool Set

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We Liked

When you hear the name Feedback Sports, you think of the red repair stands that have made them famous in the cycling world. They are super high quality and functional pieces of equipment that everyone wants. Now they have started to expand what they offer but they are still holding true to their core of offering High quality professional grade cycling equipement. We were lucky enough to get a set after interbike to play with.

The set come with 7 T Handle tools in its own waterproof carry case. Lets face it when you go to the race you really only need a few tools. You don’t have to take the entire bike shop with you. Allen wrenches are near the top of the list of things you need to bring.

When we got the tool kit in and opened it up we could see why it’s 129.99 for them. These are professional grade, Precision tools. Picking one up and just holding it in your hand will tell the story. After using them you will avoid using other substandard tools. Here is what is included in the kit.

So I would like to point out the advantage of the T-Handles. With most allen keys they are trying to go smaller and smaller. This is all fine in an emergency but you probably know that sometimes the problem is just getting access to the bolt in the first place that causes all of the problems. Fighting with cables or bottle cages or other pieces of equipment will just suck the time away especially if you can only turn the bolt a quarter turn before you have to pull the wrench out and reposition it because the handle is hitting part of the bike.

Other storage So there is a case that come with this set. That means that you can put a few more tools in the case with your T-Handles! Patch kit & tire lever fits nicely in the mesh pouch.

  • Tool case included
  • T25 TORX
  • 6mm Hex
  • 5mm Hex
  • 4mm Hex
  • 3mm Hex
  • 2.5mm Hex
  • 2mm Hex

We Didn't Like

The Final Say

You have worked hard to have a nice bike and you should spend you time ridng your bike and enjoying it not fighting to get to a bolt or messing around with crappy tools that won’t fit the job. The fix is much easier when you have the right tool for the job and Feedback sports comes through with some really great T-Handles that will make just about any job easy to do weather you are at a race or at home with very little space.

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