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Swiss Legend Challenger

Review: Swiss Legend Challenger

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We Liked

We got the box on the mail and when we opened it up we were surprised to find a bright red box inside. Upon Opening it we found in that box was a imagination leather case that the Challenger watch was in. The challenger comes in many styles. And when I mean many,Im talking 75 different styles. This includes their chronograph styles as well. Our watch was the all black with white marking and a grey face. The first thing that I noticed about the watch was that it had some weight to it. So this was keeping with that its made from stainless steel. I like stainless seal in a watch as I am rather tough on them as I don't take them off to race, workout or sleep. Basically I keep it on all of the time. Lately I have been noticing that the sizes of the watches are starting to get bigger and bigger and this is where it gets into taste rather than a rule. The Challenger watch has a 50mm case size and that puts it just on the large side of the line. Some of the watches that I have seen are getting so big that you need to lift weights just to be able to tell the time. So having a big dial is some what of an advantage when you are riding or doing anything evolving moment. When I was out riding I noticed that it was really easy to tell the time. I didn't have to take my hands off the handle bars and bring it closer to my face or try to steady my hands. I could just glance over and read it. Here are a few other things that are cool about the Swiss Legend Challenger.

  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Big hands that are luminescent
  • Second hand is cool looking with its white box and red outline.
  • Rubber wrist band will be easy to keep clean and conforms nicely to our wrist.

We Didn't Like

The date is small compared to everything else on the watch. I know that I'm getting old but my eye site is not that bad yet. We compared it to other watches to see how big their date ones and its smaller. So its a little hard to read and looks a little out of place. It needs a fish eye bubble over the date to make it easy to read.

The Final Say

Looking for a good watch that is made from genuine Swiss movement parts? Are you hard on your watches and prefer steel over plastic? Like the feel of a watch with some weight to it. Then Swiss legend is a brand that you should take a good look at. Unless you like being part of the heard then by all means get the standard brand with the usual size etc... Swiss legend is anything but ordinary. Good quality at a good price means that you have exceptional value in a product that you will happy and proud to display on your wrist. The big face makes it very easy to read and the rubber strap means that you don't have to worry about getting something dirty. Even though the date window and number is small I think that they will change that and with all of the other strong points it should not be the reason for you putting one on your wrist. You need something that will stand up to and thrive in the hard active lifestyle of sweat,mud, cold and unexpected crashes..

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