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Review: Stratofly

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We Liked

So far these are my favorite set of glasses that I have gotten from Rudy. The fit is spot on for my face. I hate getting a set of glasses and they don't fit my face. They move around, wont stay in place, they slid on my nose etc. Its the last thing that I want is to be blazing along and all of a sudden they are half way hanging off my face and the sun is in one eye and wind is pounding my eyeball with what feels like boulder size particles of dust. I put the Stratoflys on and they just stick. They done move at all and I Love them.

One of the hallmarks of Rudy Project glasses are the lenses. This is no exception in that the clarify is amazing. I got an extra set of LazerRed and they are awesome. The main set of lenses that I got was the photo chromatic clear lenses and I like to race them against other photo chromatic lenses that are out there. So far my Rudy Stratoflys are faster gong from clear to dark and they are darker than other photo chromatic lenses that I have put them up against. There are lots of options that you can get with the Stratoflys. The Stratofly comes in 6 frame colors and 7 different lenses combinations. Now if I do my math that makes 42 different combinations.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

I am really lucky in that I have really good vision and I sit here and I think about how important my eyes are and how good I actually have it. Now that I am approaching middle age most of my friends are wearing glasses but not me. I have been wearing good high quality glasses for a long time and I believe that its like good investment. Lets face it, the suns rays are strong and can be harmful on your eyes. There is a reason you should not stare into the sun. So make the investment on a great pair of glasses and protect your eyes. The Stratofly is a top performer with the frame fit, the nose piece that stays on your nose, the 7 different kinds of lenses, 6 differentframes. Try as hard as we can its the one we keep reaching for time and time again. Love them!

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