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SRAM Force Group

Review: SRAM Force Group

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We Liked

The shifting on the SRAM Force group is pretty darn quick. Its one of the reasons that we like it so much. If you need to drop down a grear the throw is short, and very positive and VERY fast. When comparing the throw to other groups we fond that SRAM force was shorter and faster. Eventhough it did require a little more effort.

So this brings me to my next two points weight and price. The force group offers a great value in this department. So this is really where the SRAM Force group shines against the competition. Its lighter that all of the other groups in its level and even lighter than some that are higher. Its also less expensive that all the other groups in its level wich is kinda halmark for SRAM.

Ok its lighter and cheaper what about its performance? Can it handle the harsh conditions of cyclocross. The answer is YES! But wait there is more! One of the reasons that I like SRAM so much is the throw. The What!? The "throw" is how far you have to move the lever for it to engage to shift the gears. There is always a little bit of play in the levers. Because of my job I get to ride alot of bikes that have differnt shifters. SRAM has the shortest throw of all but the electronic kind. This is especially true when you are going into a bigger gear. The down shift is very very fast.

We Didn't Like

There is only one thing that I would change on the group. I recommend that you forgo the GXP bottom bracket and spend a little cash on a Hawk racing BB. We feel that the GXP bb does not preform to the same level as the rest of the group. This was very obvious to us when we had both bottom brackets in our hands and could compare them side by side. The Hawk Racing BB has a far less drag on it than the GXP BB.

The Final Say

SRAM force is in our opinion the group of choice for cyclocross. It offers a cost/performance per gram ratio (About.76g/ $100-200 cheaper) better than groups in its class and higher classes. SRAM Force is the AK 47 of the cycling groups. Tough, simple to work on, light weight, cost efficient and works in the worst conditions. The down shifts are fast and the throw is short compared to other groups. if you are serious about your cyclocross season you will want SRAM force on your steed when you turn your cranks in anger and go deep into the pain cave especially if the cave is muddy or cold if not both. Hup Hup!

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