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Squirt Lube

Review: Squirt Lube

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We Liked

Let me start off with we are not Friction facts or ceramic speed. We don’t have or operate a lab with special equipment that can test the drain of a single watt. But this review is to tell you guys about our experience with this particular lube. In that review they started out with new chains all the way around and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. We are not. We are using a chain that has gone through ½ a season of cyclocross.

  •    Drips easy
  • Penetrates fast because its in a water emulsion
  • Uses 3 types of waxes
  • Stays clean once you have a base in the chain
  • Simple to use
  • Keeps the chain quite
  • Best if layered on the chain.    

We Didn't Like

Not a lot. Except if you are not using a new chain you have to build up a base coat. It does what it says its suppose to do. We just had to apply, let dry, wipe clean and repeat several times (4 or 5) while it got all of the crap out of the chain.

The Final Say

So in this day of marginal gains the drive train has become a focus, in particular the chain. There is a lube war going on. Thank God 6 years ago Friction Facts got sick and tired of all of the smoke and mirrors, fancy catch words and shone the light on the truth about the lubes out there. We found the report quite interesting. So we contacted Squirt and wanted to see what their lube was all about. We cleaned out chain and let it dry and applied it. Let it dry and reapplied and wiped. We found that initially the chain turned grey (our chain is gold). We wiped it down and re applied. What we found was that the lube was getting into the chain and then picking up all of the old junk and taking it to the surface. We found that we actually needed to put on several layers. After we had done this about once every 2 days. The chain did not need any maintenance. I raced it off road (short track) in some very dusty conditions and the dust did not stick and wiped right off. I was very impressed with the performance of the stuff. I would recommend this to any cyclist. It's simple and easy to use and does exactly what it says. And with the review it got from Friction facts it's hard to beat. At the time of this review there was no rain or mud. So we will follow up with an update once the mud starts flying.  Otherwise this stuff is pretty awesome.  

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