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Sprint Work Stand

Review: Sprint Work Stand

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We Liked




Best out there

So all you have to do is watch the video on how to clean your bike by a pro mechanic. And you will see why we love this thing. It is pretty light as it only weighs in at 8 lbs due to its light weight Aluminum construction. The sprint stand easily unfolds into its configuration. Where the stand really shines is that it makes working on the bike easy because you can spin the bike 360 degrees. Get under the bike by lifting up the rear end. But I use it more to clean the cross bike. And after watching the video on Youtube my cross bikes get cleaned to the protour level.

Its adjustable to what ever height you need and you don't loose any of the key features like truing the bike 360 and flipping it up.

We Didn't Like

Did not come with a strap for the bb.

I would like a tool bag to hang off of it that had a little bit of weight to help hold it down.

The Final Say

Keeping the bikes clean is a chore and leaning the bike up against the house and spraying it down with the hose just wont work. The sprint work stand is really an investment in keeping your cross bike clean at the professional level. Watch the vid here and then get the 4 brushes that you need a sponge and some dish soap and you will be happy with the result. We certainly are and will put it to good use cleaning out cross bikes

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