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Spin Shield Air

Review: Spin Shield Air

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We Liked

I have ridden in Rudy project sun glasses since 1996 after I moved to Colorado. So I am very familar with the company and their products. The Spin shield Air is an evolution from the origional Spinshield. So Im going to list out some of the things I like about these glasses.

  • Very light weight. These glasses are very light for thier size.
  • Great optics. Our eyese love the Multilazer blue lens.
  • Stiff arm hinges. The arems on the glasses either snap open or shut.
  • Nose piece insert. So they have included a rubber insert for smaller faces and you have no chance of loosing your nose piece.
  • Large frontal coverag protects your eues and face from flying objects and UV light.
  • Lots of multiLazer colors including Red, Orange, Blue and GOLD!
  • The arms grip your head firmly

We Didn't Like

  • Arms are too long for my face. We wish the arms were adjsutable. The ear hook part of the arm is a full thumb width from touching my ear. If I was to pull the glasses forward until they hit the back of my ears the glasses would sit on the tip of my nose, Just.
  • I noticed that there is only rubber grips at the tips of the arms. So I think it would be better if half the arms had grippers on them.
  • Even though they offer really good frontal protection there is not alot of side protection. So if they sun is on your right or left side its going to get in.

The Final Say

So what do we think about the Spinshield glasses? Great optics, light weight make these glasses perfect for running or other outdoor sports. The line offers great options for lens colors and frame colors as well. Usually I have seen offer a replaceable noise piece that is adjutable but they went with a rubber insert this time. Now the trade off is that you wont loose your nose piece. But you give up on adjustability. Now this line is designed for inserts. So if you are a person that is looking for a option that you can get lens inserts for this is one you should consider. With the lack of side protection I dont think that this is a good option for cycling for a few reasons. IT does not have good side protcetion, its only avaiable either in a multilazer or a smoke lense which means that if you live where its sunny then great but that also menas you cant change the lens when its low light level out.

Bottom line its a light weight high performance sunglasses that would be an exlecelent choice for running or other upght out door sports in bright sunny conditions. But unfortunaaly its not an allarounder for cycling. This is why we only gave it 3 cow bells.

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