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Smith Overtake Helmet

Review: Smith Overtake Helmet

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We Liked

So my first thought of the helmet is that its pretty cool looking and how light it was. Next I now know where the old sugar bear went to work after he got replaced by that cracked out looking thing that is now pedaling Honey comb cereal (Breakfast Sugar) to kids and feeding the youth obesity problem in America. The bear went to work for smith and brought the honey comb shape with him!

The first thing you notice is that this helmet dose notuse the standard core like other helmets. They use this hollow plastic stuff that looks like a honeycomb. The honeycomb is a awesome bug guard. Only the smallest of insects will be able to get into it. If you have been riding for a bit then chances are you have had a bug if not a bee fly right into your helmet and that is not a pleasant experience at all. The Honeycomb main structure will keep out the ones that really matter like bees and wasps. Its too small for them to fit through. Only the tiny tiny ones will be able to penetrate the catacomb of honeycomb. So a few things that we liked about the helmet.

  • Looks cool. Very TRONisk in shape.
  • Nice aero shape. Actually fairly aerodynamic..
  • Excellent fit to our head.
  • Sunglasses fit right into the groove. However, not all fit that well.
  • Light weight.
  • Lots of color options to match your team kit.

We Didn't Like

  • Cant scratch you head with the helmet on your head. If you get and itch the unique core wont allow you to scratch that itch. You will have to take off the helmet to do it.
  • No rain cover and when the rain hits the helmet the unique plastic fill acts like a rain gutter and will just bring the water down those little tubes. Good thing in the summer when you splash yourself with water. Bad in the winter time when its cold and the water is even colder..
  • I would like more sweat padding
  • The holder for the glasses didnt work that great for us but we wern't using Smith glasses. We used a varity of differnt brands.
  • At $250 its kinda pricey that's $1/gram

The Final Say

So what do we think about this helmet? The Smith Overtake is a great helmet and provides a lot of features that most if not all can match. The honeycomb core is by far the most unique feature that this helmet has. Its light weight is pretty impressive as its right there with the lightest of the helmets on the market at 250g. The Overtake's unique hard shell shape gives it's modern day TRON like look especially the green and black. Its aero for a road helmet and you can see the data on the Smith website. You will definitely get noticed in the group with the Overtake. However, for cyclocross we feel that this helmet might fall a little short if you live in an area where you get rain and mud for cyclocross season. The Honeycomb acts like rain gutters bringing the water straight through to you head and if you get mud in those things its going to be hard to clean. With other helmets you can take the pads or webbing out and clean out the bugs and mud. Because of the Honeycomb you cant do that. So even though its a cool helmet and it works great for road its not that great for cyclocross unless your some place where you don't get rain and its hot.

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