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Smith Ignite MIPS

Review: Smith Ignite MIPS

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We Liked

We get to wear and use a lot of cycling gear here at crossbikereview.com and its hard because they are all so good. Everyone sends their best stuff to us. However, every once in a while there are those things that come along that we go wow what a difference. The Ignite did just that with our first ride. Here are a list of the features that are packed into this 310g of cerebral protection.

  • Lightweight Aerocore in-mold construction
  • Zonal ventilated protection featuring patented Koroyd material
  • Integrated skeletal structure
  • VaporFit adjustable fit system
  • 8 optimized vents
  • XT2 anti-bacterial performance lining
  • Ultra-light single layer webbing
  • AirEvac ventilation
  • Ultimate eyewear integration
  • MIPS system available in all colors
  • Weight: (Size M, MIPS) 11 oz / 310 grams
  • Certification: CPSC  

We Didn't Like

No bug protection on the two frontal intakes. So its an open door for our flying friends.  

The Final Say

Like I said in the section above we get a lot of cool stuff and no one sends us their worst stuff. The always send us their best. We get the best helmets, wheels computer etc.. and we see and wear a lot of helmets. Its not often that we get a helmet and it stands from all of the rest. The SMITH Ignite falls into this category. The Ignite is a aero road helmet that is pack with lots and lots of features. Smith first made a name for itself by using a new material in construction called Koroyd. If you are not familiar with it or how it works watch the vid here. Now with an aero helmet there is a balance of Aerodynamics and Thermoregulation. How fast is the helmet and how well it cools your head. The faster and harder you go the more heat you have to get ride of. Everyone is trying to find that magical totally aero TT helmet that feels like a super light weight with 30 vents. So there are two things that really stood out to me on my first ride with the SMITH Ignite. First, I could actually feel the air moving over my head in the helmet. So this aero road helmet is not a hot one. Secondly I noticed that the Ignite does not have the occipital profile like other helmets. Translation the helmet and adjustment does not come down as far as other helmets. So this helmet did not interfere with my sunglasses at all. These two things have always been a pet peeve of mine. Now don’t think that this is the end all of all helmets. There are a couple of things that I think need to be changed about this helmet. I asked about why they didnt put a bug net on the front.  Smith got back to us and informed us that they looked at a bug net.  Smith chose not to go with a bug net because the bug net made the helmet slower and hotter.  I put the aero data of the Ignite in with the pictures.   The Ignite does not have any reflectivity at all and I don't know why you would not put something on it. I think ill put my own on it is qite simple and can be very subtle.   This helmet is packed with features.  Its lite, fast and my head does not over heat.  Even though it does not have a bugnet I think I may have found my new favorite helmet.  

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