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We Liked

The universe began14 billion years ago. Dark cold void of life and then BOOM! The big bang happened and the universe was born and everything expanded. the world of cyclocross was similar only it had some life. It was small and then it exploded and when it did there were really no high in cranks for cyclocross on the market. Now there is and FSA is leading the way with this crank. So what do we like about this crank? What makes this crank so awesome?

  • Sexy carbon
  • Light weight 619g
  • 386 large spindle is stiff
  • 46X36 or Single chain ring option
  • Lots of lengths available
  • 10 or 11 speed
  • Road or Cross configurations

We Didn't Like

If you like to totally customize every little thing about your bike you might not like that you can only use the FSA chain rings with this crank. But, if you think that is the reason your not winning the local cross race series maybe you should rethink what is really holding you back.

The Final Say

So in the world of cyclocross a lot of things took off for development. Brakes got better and better. Wheels became a focus and that category grew in depth and technology. More and more companies were offering more and more cyclocross bikes for the masses. But one area was lagging slightly behind and the was the crank set. Most of the cranks were slight adaptations from the road and were Aluminum. FSA has jumped out in front with the SLK 386 cyclocross crank. Lets see its carbon, light and using the oversized 386 system. In addition it has its proprietary ABS set up. All this adds up to the best cyclocross crank on the market on paper. But you could probably tell this just by looking at it anyway. The carbon fiber is pretty sexy and is available in 2 decal colors. The shape of the crank only adds to the high tech sexiness of it. Smooth contour lines flow over the entire crank giving it a very organic futuristic look and function. The FSA SLK 386 ABS is a mouth full for us but for a cyclocross crank there is nothing sweeter.

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