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Shabli EVO Helmet

Review: Shabli EVO Helmet

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We Liked

Last year at Interbike we saw SH+ at the show and they had an impressive booth in the Italian pavilion. This year we ran into the official importer of SH+ at Sea Otter and I asked him if we could do a review on a helmet. He said sure! So I went to the site and started poking around and with a little help I picked out the Shabli EVO helmet. So why this one? Why the Shabli EVO? Well they offer a lot of helmets but in cyclocross the weather can get kinda nasty or wet. So I noticed that the Shabli EVO not only had a bag and extra pads but it also came with a shell that you can put on and take off. Now Ill get to the other stuff about this helmet in a minute. First lets talk about SH+ for a minute. The guys at SH+ have been making helmets for other companies for a long time and you might even have had one in the past. So they know helmets. Lets get back to that rain cover.... When I got the helmet and tried to put the cover on I could not get it to stay. I tried and tried but I just could not figure it out. It turns out that the strap anchors that attached at the front quarter of the helmet goes through the holes in the shell and that what holds the shell in place. So the straps keep it from flying off. I am told that this shell system is one of the only ones thatis approved by the UCI. Once I saw this I thought it was genius! Getting the cover on and off is quite easy and can be done very quickly. All you have to do is keep it in the bag with you helmet and come race day decide to have it on or off. Take 10 seconds (literally) to put it on and go. Not raining but you have a time trial and no aero helmet? How about its just cold outside? This system that SH+ has fills the gab of winter helmet, rain cover, TT helmet all in one package.
  • - Fusion In-Mold Micro shell
  • - Twin System IV Retention System
  • - Moisture Wicking, Washable Padding by Sitip
  • - Anti Pricking Buckle
  • - 26 Air Vents
  • - Back Reflective Stickers
  • - Lots of Colors
  • - Weight 230 grams
  • - One Size fits all. (55-60)

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

Now a days its very hard to find stuff that is made in the country that the company is based in. Usually its farmed out to some place in Asia. This is the norm in most industries. Shoes, coats and cars are a few of the endless list of items that we consume and use on a daily basis. Not to say that the quality of goods that are coming out of Asia are not very good. Its all in the QC when it comes to Asia production and goods. When this is managed properly then there is nothing wrong with anything. However, some countries take great pride in the products that they produce and Italy is at the top of the list.

With that said the SH+ Shabli EVO is a great helmet that is packed with lots of features. The first thing that you will notice about the Shabli is that it does not weigh anything. Coming in at just over 212 grams makes this helmet one of the lightest on the market. Along with this feathery feature there are lots of vents in this brain bucket that allows plenty of air flow. If it get too cool all you have to do is pop on the rain cover and BAM! You have a rain and cold protection. What if you need to do a TT? But your not the person that does more than 3 in a year. Don't want to plop down another $300 for a TT helmet for 3X a year? Me either. That rain shell is also a aero shell. And it only takes about 15 seconds to put it on. With this package you also get an extra set of pads and a helmet bag to keep it all together. Finally is the that its a one size fits all. That in it self is pretty impressive. How do they do that? Years and years of experience of making helmets, actually making helmets. Not farming it out. One trick that they do is in the retention system. Now at first it looks like any other dial system. But its not. The dial has a elbow hinge on it that allows the wearer to place the dial in just the right place on the back of the head for the perfect fit. Then if you add in all of the different colors that it comes in its hard to beat.

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