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Review: SERAC CX Tires

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We Liked

So a little about IRC. IRC was founded in 1926 in Nagoya Japan making bicycle tires and tubes. In 1933 IRC started exporting tires and tubes to the world and established a office in the US in 1966. IRC stands for Inoue Rubber Company. So IRC has a long history for making cycling tires. On thier web site they list over 34 different types of tires for cycling and wheel chair sports.

Front and rear tread design



We Didn't Like

Too narow not a true 32 measures out to a 30

Too Expensive for its performance

Web site has the tire listed as a 23 and not a 32.

The Final Say

One of the MOST important things in cyclocross is tire selection. With the way the course can change from race to race. So your tires will be the one of the bigest choices that you can make. We see alot of tires and the things that we look at when when evaluate a mud tires is Tread pattern, tread spacing, tread depth and tire width. We like the tread pattern that the front and rear have. They are open and have channels to allow the mud to move through and be ejected. We would like to see the tread a little deeper and the tire needs to be wider. Right now the tire is too narrow and even though its tubless and you can run it at lower pressures we still did not get the handeling that we wanted from them. If you add in the price of $85 a tire we would put this tire back on the rack. Not enough for the price tag. Increase the width and you would have a much better tire.

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