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Rudy Project Genetyk

Review: Rudy Project Genetyk

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We Liked

The Genetyk frame fits my facial profile really well, almost offering a custom fit. I am impressed with the eye protection that they provide, deterring rocks, insects, racers, and anything else Mother Nature throws my way. The rubber temple pads and no-slip nose pads worked exceptionally well, keeping the glasses in place rain or shine. Another feature that I found exceptional with the Genetyk is the high performance optics. I am very fortunate in that I have really acute eye sight, which makes me very sensitive to optic performance discrepancies. I have found that the Genetyk is equipped with great optics with regard to glare and clarity. We received the Genetyk ImpactX Photochromic Red lens for evaluation, which I was very excited to have for the last race of the Cross Crusade series. Typical of Fall weather in Portland, OR, the day was overcast. Normally I would have selected a clear lens for such conditions, but the red gave great contrast in this grey environment. The ImpactX lenses use Rudy Project's 3FX Technology. The Polar 3FX technology ensures the complete and thorough elimination of glare, polarized light and harmful UV rays, which in turn decreases eye strain. When trying a pair of Genetyks, we recommend that you bring your normal cycling eyewear with you so that you can see the difference. The final bonus is that the Genetyk lenses are made from Rudy Project's ImpactX material, which are guaranteed for life to be unbreakable. Combine that with their Replacement Lens Guarantee, and you won't be crying the next time your daughter runs over your eyewear with her tricycle.

We Didn't Like

While the eyewear comes with a cool hard plastic case, it's challenging to fit an extra set of lenses in with the eyewear. Mr. Barbazza, can you make the case a little bigger please? We love your stuff and we want to protect it!

The Final Say

With the Rudy Project Genetyk, the bottom line is that it's a win-win. Get technically cool eyewear and see better with less eye strain. Your eyes will thank you.

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