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Rol CX35 Wheels

Review: Rol CX35 Wheels

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We Liked

ROL Wheels just might be one of the best value wheel companies that you may not have heard of. For years I have watched my friend Sean Lambert owner of ROL Wheels toil away at bringing value performance wheels to the racing masses. With the ever changing landscape of cycling trends, the new thing now is disc carbon clinchers. The cyclocross market is booming right now and all of the cx bikes are going disc brake. This is the main force that is driving the disc brake into the road market. With that being said ROL is introducing it's newest wheel to the cyclocross market. The ROL CX 35. This wheel is just what the market wants with a wider rim, shallow aero shape and low weight and value price tag. Here are a few of the things that we like about this wheel.

  • Light weight
  • Carbon Clincher
  • Adaptable hub (QR or Through Axle)
  • Accelerates Well
  • Not too deep not too shallow
  • Wide rim 17/25
  • Price is a great deal for what you get compared to other wheels

We Didn't Like

Sadly, the wheel set does not come with a wheel bag is our only gripe but then again we are comparing it to all of the other wheels in this category. The Vision Metron 40 and the Zipp 303 Firecrest both come with wheel bags.

The Final Say

Looking for a set of carbon clinchers that will not rob the bank, that dose not weigh a ton and cause a big fight between you and your spouse? The ROL CX 35 might be the answer to a lot of riders problems. So lets look at the the what we would consider one of the industry leaders in aero wheel technology. Zipp Speed Weaponry makes it'sZipp 303 Firecrest. Its the same weight as the CX 35 but cost $2,100 vs the $1,450 of the ROL. That is $650 in your pocket. We did a little chart looking at several other wheels that are on the market that were in the same class ( carbon clincher, disc brake with a rim depth of 30 to 45 mm) and what we found was that the ROLCX 35 were a great value. We found a few other wheels that may have been cheaper but the companies that were offering them were very new to us. I know Sean Lambert personally and I know how long he has been doing this and I trust his stuff. So how are they on the trail? We love the way the wheels roll and they spin up great! We had a blast out at Powell Butte park with them on the RITTE and this is a set of wheels that we are going to keep our hands on if that tells you anything. So if your want a set of world class wheels but don't have more money than Trump then theROLCX 35 wheels is a clear choice. These wheels are a Zipp Killer..

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