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Rock Tape

Review: Rock Tape

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We Liked

For my real full time Job I'm a exercise physiologist and I work in a gym and I have a wide client base. So for this review I used the rock tape on the people that I work with, my clients. I try to stay off the injured list as much as I can and so I'm not going to run out and get injured to write a review on the tape. Ill go out and ride in the rain and snow and take one for the team on that one but not this one..

When I was first introduced to this type of tape I was told about it properties and how it worked and I immediately thought it was a scam and that essentially some one put glue on the back of a ACE elastic banged and cut it into strips and was marketing it to the general population. But as it turns out there is some real science behind it. Its all about pain management and support. Less pain and the joint or muscle heals faster. Essentially kineso tape is pain tape. After a couple of year it seems that there are a lot of companies that are making some form of kineso tape. We have tried many and there is one that stands out to us. Rock tape in our opinion is the best one to have. I don't know the formula for the Rock tape adhesive but I bet its a closely guarded secret. Hands down, Rock tape stays on the longest. Most Kineso tape will stay on a few days with regular wear. After that the showers and movements breaks down the adhesive and it peals off. Not Rock tape! That stuff will stay on over a week with daily sweaty rides, showers and general use. Even wearing it against clothing had little affect on it. another strong attribute of Rock tape is you can cut it into the length of strips that you need. Other tapes come in their preset strip. Also Rock tape comes in different widths and they are the only one that I have seen that offers their tape in a 4' roll. People come in all different shapes and sizes and so do their injuries. Now for the coolness factor. You can get Rock tape to match your personality. Its almost like a tattoo. Lots of colors and patters will allow you to wear it with out the shame of having a bandage.

We Didn't Like

Ok so there is a down side to this tape and that is its strength. You can't use this tape on people that not only have a tape allergy (duh) but you also can't use it on people with thin skin like the elderly. The glue is very strong and so pulling the tape off the skin is not an option you will have to wait for it to actually wear off.

The Final Say

Getting a roll of rock tape is not a bad Idea to keep in your bag. In cyclocross we fall and we get banged up a bit when we are training. having rock tape on hand can allow you to hear faster and go on with your training. This could be the difference between working out and laying on the couch wallowing around in the pity pool being all frustrated. When my wife got a PCL tear (Grade 2) I used rock tape on her knee and the pain went away. I have used it on me and several of my clients with all of the same results. It stays on after repeated work outs and showers. No more shame of a bandage you can have your own badge of courage with its own color or tattoo pattern and get out and train or compete. From what we have seen Rock Tape is the best kineso tape on the market.

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