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Regacross 33/35

Review: Regacross 33/35

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We Liked

Panaracer has a long history of making really really good cycling tires. The brand has a following and those people that love the brand are really devout in their love for Panaracer tires. Why is that? It all has to do with Panaracer's devotion to quality. The Japanese company is over 50 years old and believes that quality is the key to their success. This means Quality in production, quality in materials, quality in construction and performance. Over 90% of their tires are produced in their factory in Japan. Currently they offer 62 different models of cycling tires that range in Discipline from road to wheelchair with 3 being in cyclocross.

  • The Regacross tires is made with their Zero Slip Grip (ZSG) natural rubber compound. It also has what Panaracer calls Advanced Extra Alpha Cord (AX-a)
  • Unusual parallel tread pattern
  • Tubeless
  • 33 or 35 offerings
  • High Quality in the constructions.  You can sut tell by holding them

We Didn't Like

So there are a few things that I did not like about the RegaCross Tires. 1.Tread is shallow. If you race in the rain like we do there is no bite to these things when it gets sloppy. 2. When I initially inflated them I put them at 40psi and that gave me a width of 32.15. I emailed the Panaracer rep and he told me that I need to inflate them up to their max PSI and let them stretch overnight. When I did inflate the tires to 60psi they were 33 wide. 3. Its a single season tire and what I mean by this is if you ride on these things and they are your main tires for cyclocross you will wear them out. I would like to see the tread lasts longer.

The Final Say

No before I go into  my final thoughts I want to say that these are high quality tires that are very well made.  Love the rubber that they are made out of.  However, I have to be totally honest about my OPINION on these tires. When it comes to CX tires Im a real stickler about the rubber I put on my cross bike. And that is mainly from where I reside and race my cross bike. I live in the PNW you need two types of tires, dry and wet. I look at several things when I choose a tire for my rig. I look for Tread pattern, Tread Depth, Tire size and Tread Span and Tread Life. In a perfect world we would have the perfect tread that is soft but wears like iron. I realize that to get some values in one area you have to give up a little in other areas. I am not a fan of the tread pattern and when I called the rep to have them give me a detailed explanation on this pattern and why they used this type of pattern. All I was told was that is what the extensive test riders came up with. I was not told the benefits or advantages of this type of pattern offers in the mud. The only thing I can think of is turning or edging.  And I see alot of potential with this.  But to me you are giving up on forward traction. This tread pattern certainly departs from all the other mud tires on the market and if you look at motorsports there is not a mud tread like this either. To be fair I did not not ride these in mud because we did not have any at the time. I did race them in the dry and in grass and they worked great. I would not really recommend the 33 unless your racing UCI races but go for the 35s. The bigger tire will give a better ride over bumpy and mixed terrain. If I was going to have panaracer improve this tire I would first start with the tread depth. So Panaracer please make this mud tire truly a mud tire. Otherwise, panaracer did not let me down on the construction or the quality of the tire. And while I was racing on the tire I managed to win the overall series and 3 races in the Portland Short Track Series on my cyclocross bike. So Its a very good tire, but more of a dry and mixed surface tire.  

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