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Review: RECON Jet

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We Liked

There are several things to like about the Recon jet. We have been waiting for HUD technology to come out and Recon is first on the market with the first true HUD. What's a HUD? HUD stands for Heads Up Display and it first came about from the military. There is so much information that fighter pilots need to know and still watch the sky and fly the plane. Designers had to come up with a way so that they could do just that. The results was that the computer projected the information on a screen in front of the pilot. Thus the HUD was born. Same concept here. The idea is that the athlete does not have to look down to get the information that they need. Are they going too hard? Is your heart rate about to go into the red zone? How much further until the finish of the race? Recon delivers just that.

  • You can take pictures with it.
  • You can shoot video with it. So that Angry driver will be caught yelling or swerving at you while you are riding on film.
  • You can choose how many screens you have for cycling data and how you want to arrange them.
  • Technology so that the screen only turns on when you look at it with your eye. How cool is that!
  • Pairs and connects with your power meter, speed, cadence and HR sensors.
  • You can share all of this info with your friends on social media.
  • Real time data at a glance..
  • Pull up a map and look at it while riding.

We Didn't Like

So this is an amazing piece of technology and it is really the first HUD for cycling glasses. So what didn't we like about this pair? The obvious is the peripheral vision has been reduced due to the right side boom and the left side boom.. But only a little. And after a few rides you won't even notice it. However there is a blind spot that you do need to be aware of. The blind spot is when you look back over your right shoulder. Because of the length of the boom it really blocks your field of vision. So that means that if you want to see anything look to your left.

Next we were getting a lot of glare in the glasses and we happened to noticed that the lens don't wrap all of the way around. The glasses are kind of wide and they seem to allow light in from the sides making it hard to read the screen.

When a HUD first came out in Fighter pilots the problem was sensory overload. When you look at the screen there are 3 digits for the speed. I'm fast but not that fast. Even Sven is not that fast. So I would like it only to display the digits that are being used at that time.

Also, once you put in your wheel size you can't change that...

The Final Say

So this is a really cool product and I take this as a glimpse into the future and that future looks bright and full of data. But getting back to Recon. the Recon Jet is a great piece of technology and offers some really cool real time data. i think that this would be very useful in time trials and running and Triathlons. In a TT if you drop your head that is like putting on the speed break. Keeping your head up keeps you in your aerodynamic position. In running, looking at your watch while its moving or just have a glance for your pace, speed or location on a map is pretty cool.

So as cool as it is Recon does have some draw backs. It has a BIG blind spot. And its on the right side especially when you look back. If you look back over your left should its not really there. We got use to that but when we rode with someone the blind spot became really apparent to me. I have been riding and racing my bike before 1984. So I am no stranger to riding in groups and racing. So its great if you ride by yourself but I would not want to wear them in a road race or a crit. In my opinion it is way too dangerous. So what's the bottom line on Recon? Recon is ready if your a runner ,TT and Triathlons but NOT for cycling.

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