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Rain bag

Review: Rain bag

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We Liked

So who is SC ICON? Just like a lot of companies their story is very similar to other businesses. Born in a garage in 1980 by Luciano Fantin. His whole purpose was to produce travel bags for professional cyclist. Fast forward 39 years to 2019 and SC ICON now makes an entire line of luggage for cyclist and recently added clothing to include sunglasses. We recently saw a video on a world Tour team bus that featured a SC ICON Rain Race bag. So we called up SC ICON for us to get one and do a review on the bag.

So SC ICON departs from conventional thinking about an organizational bag, Normally, you have a bag and then you organize it from the inside out. The bag would have compartments inside with separators or dividers. Maybe a couple of inside pockets. The SC ICON bag is the OPPOSITE of this. It's not really a bag in the conventional sense. Its looks like a bag but it’s actually a series of 6 zippered compartments organized into a conventional small bag shape. Because the compartments are labeled there is really no chance of you not finding your arm warmers or your gloves. I know I have gone through my race bag looking for a pair of gloves. The 6 compartments are Jersey+Shorts, Jackets+Vests, Gloves, Warmers, Shoes+Covers and a compartment for dirty clothing.  

We Didn't Like

I would like the bag to have a place for a shoulder strap or two so I could pack it like a small backpack. I would like one that is a little bigger.  

The Final Say

I am sure that we have all been there. We have done to a race and have packed out race bag which is just a big duffel bag full of extra stuff. And then when we get there it turns into a big bag with our stuff all messed up and we can’t find a glove or a sock or a base layer etc… The list goes on. Other companies have made race day bas with compartments. The problem with these bags is that all your stuff still mixes together. And it ends up being yet another mess. Not this bag. But its really not 1 bag as its separate bags put together to look like one bag. And this is what makes it work so well. Not only do you know where you shit is because its labeled but you can also get it customized with your name or your team. Way to think outside the box.  

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