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QM Pro Race Chamois Cream

Review: QM Pro Race Chamois Cream

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We Liked

Given this product is made in Belgium, its intended purpose is to hold up in extreme weather conditions. Given it's August in Portland, extreme weather testing isn't feasible, so I decided that doing a 4+ hour tempo ride in 90 degree heat with a well-worn and older pair of team bibs was the best extreme test I could do.

Like previously stated, QM is a Belgium based company located in Overmere, standing for "Quality in Massage." The QM range of products are all created by hand using essential and absolute oils from flowers, seeds, fruit peel, roots, grasses, trees and leaves. These oils are combed with cold-pressed and organic macerated oils. Oils from organically grown plants are used wherever possible. The QM product range has undergone extensive testing on pro-athletes prior to being released.

The QM chamois cream is made with beeswax and has a consistency that is perfect. It isn't too thick or too thin. I don't like my chamois cream thick like paste or thin and watery. The beeswax will allow this chamois cream to hold up through extreme winter training rides in the rain, or muddy cyclocross races into December. I don't like thinking about my chamois cream when I'm on the bike. If I'm wondering if it's working or if it's worn off that probably means it isn't functioning properly. While using the QM chamois cream with my old, blown-out team bibs, I never even gave it a thought. It made a pair of bibs that I normally deem unusable on a four hour ride now comfortable and useable in all conditions. I also like that the chamois cream comes in a very different package than their embrocation as to avoid any confusion.

We Didn't Like

Being a Belgium-based company, I found it hard to find shops that carry QM products. Other than being difficult to find in the US, I don't have any criticisms of this product.

The Final Say

The QM Pro Race Chamois Cream is a very long-lasting and tough chamois cream without much scent that will last through long, hot training rides as well as muddy and wet December 'cross races

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