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Park Tool ATD 1

Review: Park Tool ATD 1

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We Liked

A Torque wrench is a great and awesome tool to have if your a cyclist. 10 years ago it was the multi tool that was awesome. Now its the torque wrench. Park tool has come out with a T-handle torque wrench. So what are the great things about this little gem?

  • Small, hand held
  • Multiple torque settings
  • easily accepts different bit heads
  • comes with 3 extra bit heads hidden in the handle
  • high quality tool

We Didn't Like

We found that getting the heads out of the holder in the handle was difficult. The little holder that doubles as the end cap to the handle has an almost super glue grip on the heads once they are in place.

The other thing that we didn't like was some times when we got done tightening or loosing the bolt that we were working on. The bit would be left in the bolt once we pulled the tool away. So we would like to see a stronger magnet in the bit holder.

The Final Say

Back in the day you just tightened your stuff until it was tight. But that was the day when everything was aluminum and steel. Today is a different landscape for cycling materials. Today its all about carbon on the bike. Not only is carbon sexy looking its really light and has a exotic magical presence about it, but it does have a weakness. Don't get me wrong you just have to know your stuffs limitations. Manufacturers are pushing the envelope on strength and lightness. Everyone wants lighter wheels, bars, stems etc. and when you make things lighter that usually means using less material. This is exactly why every one needs a torque wench. Better to spend some money on a tool that you will use again and again. the other side to this is that you over tighten that $400 stem on that $400 handle par and over tighten the binder bolt and crack your $300 seat post. No to mention what could happen to you when the carbon fails... We are looking at some lost skin, trip to the detest or the hospital. This little gem is smaller and cheaper than a traditional torque wrench and will last you for years. This tool is a must for any cyclist that has carbon on their bike. Which is just about any one that has a bike over $2500.00. This would make a great gift item!

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