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OGIO Red Bull Signature Series Tech Pack Backpack Bag

Review: OGIO Red Bull Signature Series Tech Pack Backpack Bag

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We Liked

Made by OGIO will last a long time

Red Bull Signature Styling

Separate storage sleeve for a tablet inside the main center laptop compartment that is sandwiched between a front and back compartment for maximal protection

When two main stay action sport companies like OGIO and Red Bull join up you would expect a cool product. That's just what you get with the OGIO Red Bull Signature Series line of action sports bags. The full RBSS line up consists of 10 specially designed bags all made by with the level of quality and detail that OGIO is known for.

Look in the back of shuttle vehicles, the pits at Moto, DH and Enduro events you will find more OGIO gear bags and rolling lockers than any other brand, expect the same with the Cyclo Cross sceen in teh future . There is good reason tough riders need tough gear and OGIO makes some of the toughest, well made bags out there. Just about every rider I ride with has at least one OGIO bag many 6-8 years old and still looking good.

Red Bull has been supporting action and extreme athletes since their inception; I have been lucky enough to participate in a few events over the years most recently the Red Bull Road Rage. If you ever have the chance to participate in one of their events, do it you wont regret it. The Red Bull style takes center stage with the tech pack as with all of the RBSS line with the two-toned yarn dyed woven 600D Poly with TPE backing and water resistant coating that looks like a grey silver denim accented with Red Bull red and blue trim, topped off with neat Red Bull logo zipper pulls. Perfect for anyone that loves his or her Red Bull as I do and wants to show their brand loyalty.

The RBSS Tech Pack consists of seven main compartments with the center compartment large enough for a 19” gaming laptop also houses a padded sleeve for a full size tablet and 2 smaller open mesh pockets for cords and adapters. The compartment closet to the back panel has enough room for a change of clothes, were as the front panel has two quick access compartments and a medium size organization compartment with organization for pens and other smaller items. On the bottom left side of the pack is a lightly padded mobile device compartment that also has loops for attaching carbineers. The bottom center has a Velcro pouch for quick access with compression tie down straps for strapping a light jacket on the exterior. Lastly and not least there are two holsters for Red Bull cans on the botton right side. The packs sits nicely mid to low back with wide padded straps, light padding on the back panel and a hydro pack style adjustable sternum strap to keep the pack from moving around after the Red Bull kicks in.

We Didn't Like

Would like to have more internal zippered storage compartments within the compartments.

The back panel padding could be better designed for more airflow and with more dense padding I found it a little light and basic.

The Final Say

The Tech Pack one of ten packs and bags in the OGIO Red Bull Signature Series combines the high durability and protection for you gear that OGIO is known for with the style and energy that is all Red Bull. With seven main storage compartments including laptop and tablet protection in the center compartment keeps you valuable tech gear safe and secure. You may not be a Red Bull sponsored athlete but you can look like one with the Tech Pack or any of the other quality backs in the OGIO Red Bull Signature Series. A solid 3 Cowbells for the RBSS Tech Pack (backpack)

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