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Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Trail

Review: Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Trail

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We Liked

  • Frame: Goggle or glasses?  We can tell and we dont care.
  • Red lens:  the Red Prizm trail lens is jsut amazing in the contrast that if offers it wearer.
  • Prizm Technology:  Oakley has done thier home work on this one and then some.  Check out our video on the Prizm lens
  • Good contrast from light to dark
  • Frames: Fits like a glove, very secure and offers great field of unobstructed vision
  • Top venting:  Unique venting with open top to let hear and steam out.  

We Didn't Like

Not that great for really dark days. Heavy clouds and forest made us take them off and put them on our helmet  

The Final Say

Oakley has been around for quite a while and is basically the company that started it al (Sports Sunglasses)l with the Oakley Factory Pilot for cycling sunglasses in the 80’s. Since then they have been the industry leader in style and optical technology. Looks like history repeats itself with the flight Jacket Prizm Trail glasses because they are very similar to the original Factory Pilots in shape. The Flight Jacket has awesome coverage in that It blurs the definition between glasses and goggles. So the field of vision is just amazing. The Frame is spot on with how it fits your face and is very secure. There is none of the glasses falling off your face when you look down. The Prizm Trail lenses offer great clarity and contrast when you are on the cyclocross trail. However, the lenses are a little too dark when it gets really nasty and I would recommend going to the prizm trail photochromic lenses or the clear lenses for better visiability. Lastly, the flight Jacket design is unique in their ventilation. Heat vapor rises and Oakley has made these glasses/goggles open at the top. We didn't have any fogging at all. The only time you will is if you are wearing a cap with a brim and it covers the top of the lens.  Over all the glasses (Frame and Lenses) are top notch.  I would recomend that you have the prizim trail, clear and the photochromatic in your race bag to cover all the conditiions that you will encounter in your cyclocross season.  

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