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Nuun All-Day Hydration

Review: Nuun All-Day Hydration

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We Liked

Hydration and nutrition is a growing category not only amongst athletes but everyone. We all know we should drink more water whether we exercise a lot or not, but sometimes it's logistically difficult. I think a lot of athletes confuse hydration needs with nutrition, overdoing the calories when all we need are some extra nutrients and electrolytes. I'm definitely guilty of this! But being dehydrated will make you feel tired, lethargic and decrease performance, whether you're racing or just trying to get some work done.

Nuun's All Day Hydration is without caffeine and is designed for everyday use, not necessarily during exercise. With multiple vitamins and minerals and no sugar, Nuun All Day is an easy way to amp up your water by just dropping in an effervescent tablet. Your water will be slightly carbonated and have a refreshing light taste.

The All Day Hydration tablets come in single-flavor tubes of 15 servings each in grocery stores or many bike shops and sporting goods stores for around $8 a tube. Online, and in some stores, you can purchase a box of four tubes in a single flavor or assorted (one tube of each flavor) for $29.95 plus shipping.

I really like the tasty flavors. The naturally flavored fruit combinations are bold but not overpowering. I tested all four refreshing flavors (Tangerine Lime, Grapefruit Orange, Blueberry Pomegranite and Grape Raspberry) and enjoyed them all.You can add more water if the flavor is too strong. I personally like the taste of just plain ol' water, but sometimes, especially on a hot day it's nice to have something more yet not need to reach for soda or a hardcore sports drink.

I love the portability. When I'm travelling or working really hard it seems more difficult to stay hydrated. With the added vitamins and minerals, Nuun's All Day Hydration helps me feel better and less tired. I particularly enjoy the Nuun products early on race days to get a head start on my hydration, and post-race, later, after I've had my recovery drink and some food.

Nuun All Day Hydration is also effective for me on very light training days. I like the Nuun products during easy rides less than an hour, recovery days, working in the garden or whenever I don't need a full blast of calories or nutrition but I want some extra flavor and electrolytes. Nuun's products are also a great alternative to sugary beverages and juices for non-athletes and kids, too.

I also like Nuun's website, which is packed full of useful information on staying hydrated and over-hydration, as well as training and sports. For fun, they even have cocktail recipes!

We Didn't Like

While I enjoy the flavors a lot, I still think the Nuun All Day flavors are still too sweet, especially the Grape Raspberry flavor. Nuun uses stevia as the sweetener, which I applaud since it doesn't have the calories of sugar, but for me a little goes a long way. I usually mix one tablet with 20 oz or more water, or I break the tablets in half!

The Final Say

Nuun All Day Hydration is a useful and tasty addition to your hydration strategy, especially if you don't want all the calories in a typical sports drink or soda or while traveling. You should still drink plenty of water, and if you struggle with plain water Nuun tablets may help by adding flavor and light carbonation.

Available online, in sports equipment shops and even many grocery stores, the Nuun All Day Hydration is worth a try!

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