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New Rock and Roll Trainer

Review: New Rock and Roll Trainer

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We Liked

I have been familiar with Kurt Kinetic trainers for a while now. Over 10 years to be precise. I have a road trainer from back in the day, before they were green. I got it because of a few reasons. The construction was nothing less than industrial and commercial grade. The Resistance unit was leak proof and had a great power curve and allowed me to train with power with out having a power meter. One of the trainers from Kurt that we have not tried yet was the Rock and Road trainer. Recently they have come out with a new design and we thought we would give it a try. Here are some of the things that we like about this latest evolution of the Kinetic line.

Heavy: This thing is a beast. The new Rock and Roll trainer weighs in at a whopping 40 lbs. So why do we like this? Well, if you have been on other trainers you know that this thing has to hold you and your bike up. The frame of the trainer resist the forces that you are putting out and make sure that all of it is going into the resistance unit and not in lateral flex. That flex is waisted energy and it stresses the frame. Its not going anywhere. If you are a big guy and you move around on your current trainer then you should seriously look at getting one of these things.

Well constructed: One thing that we look at when we get a trainer is the geometry of the frame of the trainer and the welds of the frame. The construction on the frame of the Kinetic has not changed from when I first got my first road trainer and that is the benchmark that I judge all other trainers by. Great construction in this newest addition.

Fluid resistant unit is awesome: The Kinetic resistance units are designed NOT TO LEAK and this has been at the corner stone of their resistance units from day one. Most, if not all other units have a drive shaft that goes directly from the roller wheel into the fluid unit. The Kinetic units are connected by 12 rare earth neodymium magnets that create a virtual drive shaft to the impeller inside the sealed fluid chamber. No leaks period. Read more with pictures on the unit here. Each one is calibrated on a machine so that you get a nice realistic power curve. Most other trainers the power curve will drift away from accuracy once they hit a certain speed. The other trainers are usually accurate at the low range of speed and power but as you increase speed the curve becomes less accurate. With Kinetic the machine are calibrated to mimic the real world power demands. So how did they get this? Kinetic even shows you how they got that data. For an explanation on speed and power clickhere. Print that off and you can train with power and not have a power meter.

Breaks down into a smaller unit. So one of the things that makes this a great device is its large base footprint. This adds stability and Kinetic realized that it needs to be some what portable and so this unit will break down into something a little more portable and manageable. The main large long legs that give the Rock and Roll its large foot print are removable. You only need one Allan wrench to remove the bolt that holds the legs in place and you will have two rather large looking steel drumsticks.

We Didn't Like

With each of the benefits that the Rock and Roll Trainer unit has there is the usual trade off. With such a large footprint requirement this may not be the best choice for some one with a limited place to set up and be on a trainer. So get out your tape measure and look to see if where you want to train and see if you can actually put it there. Will you be able to walk around it so you can adjust the wheel tension from the back. Or if your room mate, husband, kids might not be able to walk around you while you are in the middle of a interval session. Because that's when they will need to ask you a question or want you to look at something or have to get by you for something like a blue crayon.

Heavy: We love how heavy the Rock and Roll trainer is. However, this does not make it very easy to move around or very portable. This is not a trainer that you will take to the race and set up to warm up unless you only move it from the car to the ground. If you have to carry it to you team tent you will already be warmed up.

The Final Say

if you are in the market for a heavy duty home trainer this might be the one to choose. Its very heavy and very sturdy. The Rock and roll trainer will take a bit to get use to if you are use to riding other static trainers. The trick is to get the rear wheel centered on the drum. We decided that to get it just right that we would measure it out and mark the drum with two lines from a sharpie and then made sure to plant the tire in the center. Works great, I get a centered tire each and every time. Are you a sprinter and like to sprint? This trainer could then really revive your winter work outs. I must admit that it is quite interesting riding this thing and then getting out of the saddle and jumping into a sprint. Or if you do standing drills this should also be a trainer that you consider. Got the room then by all means put a plus mark by the Rock and Roll trainer. Live in a studio apartment and space is a premium then I would say no and get a kinetic road machine. There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a trainer. The Rock and Roll is not for the space challenged rider. However, it is for the sprinter and climber in you and it will give you a more interesting work out. Plus with the Kinetic sealed resistance unit you get a unit that wont leak and a accurate power curve. I can say with complete confidence that if you get a kinetic it will last you a long long time. You might even hand it down to your kids when they start racing.

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