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Morgan Blue Solid Chamois Cream

Review: Morgan Blue Solid Chamois Cream

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We Liked

Over the summer Morgan Blue sent CrossBikeReview.com, their Morgan Blue’s Solid Chamois Cream; which is a balm designed for use in rainy conditions. Morgan Blue Solid Chamois Cream has consistency of balm and is made up of vitamin E, St. John’s Wort Oil, Olive Oil, Lanolin, and Paraffin wax. Essentially this chamois cream was designed to maintain a frictionless environment in a sensitive areas by repelling water over a number hours.

One problem with testing products designed for rainy conditions it really does not rain in Northwest Oregon during the summer! Sure during the fall it rains, during the winter it rains a lot, sure it rains springtime, but by then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Come July the 6th, you start about 90 days of some of the best summer weather in the United States! Well in August I was getting antsy to start testing the chamois cream, so I actually started using the balm in the polar opposite conditions of rainy conditions: blazing sunshine, temperature high 80’s to low 90’s, with an incessant north wind that was always blowing 10 to 25 mph!

In hot summer weather, I found using the solid chamois cream, was neither greasier, nor created additional sweat then the leading chamois cream. With my usual chamois cream, on some 3 or 4 hour long rides sweat would kind of wash the cream away, with Morgan Blue balm, it was very evident the product was still working. In October the skies opened up, grass came back to life, mud flowed, and riding 90 minute cross workout and 3 to 4 hours road workout in wet conditions, the Blue Morgan Solid Chamois Cream, maintained a frictionless film between my rump and my chamois! Essentially the Blue Morgan Solid Chamois Cream blew away every chamois cream that I can remember using the last 25 years!

Finally I would like to say, Morgan Blue Solid Chamois Cream is one of the best deep massage creams that I have ever used! I was a professional massage therapist and soigneur for eight years, specialized in deep tissue bodywork; I really liked using this cream over past couple months. I’ve used this cream quite a bit on my cramping calves, and it has just the right amount of glide and friction for slow, deep, penetration of soft tissue. It feels like Morgan Blue put the right combination of vitamin E, olive oil, St. John Wort Oil, lanolin and paraffin wax for deep tissue massage.

We Didn't Like

Be warned, after applying the solid chamois cream, it is will take some time and effort to remove the residue from your hands. It makes sense that it will take some effort to remove a product designed to be use in water. Naturally there is a solution, washing hands with rubbing alcohol for a moment, then rinsing your hands in water and drying them with a hand towel only takes a moment! Even better… have a bottle Morgan Blue Wash Lotion on hand! In the grand scheme of things is a minor annoyance.

The Final Say

Final Say: If you are like most cyclocross racers, you probably will not go on too many training rides over four hours in the rain. I went on a rainy rides of almost four hours with no ill effects (saddle sores) and still had some difficult showering off the remaining product. On rainy training rides of two and half to three hour rides, using Morgan Blue Chamois Cream produced the same results, one frictionless rump and upper hamstrings! Honestly if you find yourself getting saddle sores using Morgan Blue’s Solid Chamois Cream, it likely isn’t the chamois cream, it is the need to see a trusty bike fitter…

Tip: If you are applying the Morgan Blue Solid Chamois Cream in temperatures under 55 degrees, I would suggest letting the product warm up on hands for a few moments, it will my much easier to apply to those sensitive nether regions.

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