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MK3 Road Racer

Review: MK3 Road Racer

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We Liked

It's the Season, the wet and cold season and if the thought of getting on a trainer and spending hours in a room doesn't thrill you and you would rather be outside but don't like being wet and cold there are solutions. One of which is to put fenders on your bike. Now before you click away and go on to something else I agree with you and I don't like fenders on my bike either. I also don't like being wet and cold. Let’s face it fenders are a necessary evil in this sport. One of the reasons I don't like fenders is that they are a pain to instal and keep straight. There are lots of companies that make fenders out there and a few make them for the high performing road bike. The British company Crud Guard is now on their third generation of fenders and has refined them to make them the easiest to install with full coverage. Here are a few of the things that we liked about the MK3

  • Easy to install
  • Uses Industrial velcro
  • Full coverage
  • Instruction are part of the box
  • Light weight
  • Space Age looks
  • Easy to take off
  • Unique coverage of drive side  

We Didn't Like

Ok so the things that we didn't like are the things that we don't like with other fenders. And I am talking about toe overlap. So with these fenders there is toe overlap. Not being able to roll the bike upright without hitting the back fender etc…

Now I want to make this perfectly clear. You need to be VERY thorough on cleaning your bike before installing the Durostrips. If you clean your bike with Muc-Off type of product there is a protective film on there and you need to make sure that you clean that off. Otherwise the Durostrips wont stick. This happened to us and it happened because we didn't clean it enough.

Some things that i would like to see added to the Mk3 are I think that putting some reflective material on them would be a really good idea.  

The Final Say

So if you have not heard about the Mk3 Crud guards then you have not done any research on fenders. Now here in North America there is no importer of the black shield you will see them sported on a lot of european pros in the winter and more recently by the crew of The Global Cycling network or GCN. 

For us the final say is that these fenders are easy to instal, offer really good coverage on the front and rear. The Mk3 are easy to put on and take off the bike. The time it takes to take off the front is about 30 seconds.  This beats the other options out there. Why spend 30 min putting your fenders back on your bike?  We hate that.  Also if you travel with your bike these things won't add any weight to your bike bag and they are practically industructable.   if the weather is unpredictable its a really good idea to have them with you.  

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