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Metron Carbon ACR Stem

Review: Metron Carbon ACR Stem

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We Liked

  • Carbon fiber
  • CFD, developed with Computational Fluid Dynamics technology
  • Internal routing
  • Very Aero
  • 35mm fork aero cable stack height
  • Super stiff
  • Very cool looking
  • Class of its own for Aero Stem
  • Plenty of realestate for cue sheet, instructions, messages or even art.

We Didn't Like

We had a hard time finding a computer mount to fit that specific stem And they are not cheap. You can find those options here and here. Expect to pay $60-$120 for one of these two options. However after several attempts with other bar mounts were were able to get one to fit BUT it was very difficult to mount on the Aerobar as the stem was so wide that it didnt leave hardly any round part of the bar for our computer mounts to grab on to.

The Final Say

So in the world of marginal gains there are several categories. Weight, Power, Rolling resistance, nutrition and the big one Aerodynamics. The frontal area on the rider and bike have a lot to do with how the bike goes through the the thick air. One of the things is to have a one piece cockpit to make the bike more aero. However if you get the wrong size that can be a big problem to your bike fit. Replacing a set is also very expensive. The Metron Carbon ACR stem give you that flexibility to get just the right fit with the right aero bars. With a bar stem combo you have the flexibility to change your fit as you age and this also means that you can take this cockpit with you if you change bikes or bike brands. So what about the stem? Its big and its stiff. This thing is rock solid. Its really cool looking and will definitely draw some attention at the race or group ride. The clamp is a very large plate and is attached from the top and is fixed in place with 4 titanium bolts from the bottom of the stem. The only thing that we would like to see is that it comes with a computer mount specifally made for that stem.

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