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We Liked

  • Very low frontal area
  • Light weight
  • Use with a standard stem
  • Lots of widths avaiable
  • Avaiable in 2 configurations

We Didn't Like

Cable routing: What? How can cable routing be a night mare? There are just 2 holes? Well here is the problem. The bar is SO AERO by being narrow that the holes in the bar for the cable housing is JUST barely large enough to go through. And the holes are not that wide either. This makes routing the cables through it a nightmare. In addition you can't move the holes right? This also means that you are limited to where you can put the shifters.

No center line markings. Now to be fair I see this in just about ALL of the handle bars that are out on the market. I would LOVE to see a centerline marking on the stem clamp area. One thing I hate is not having the bar centered in the stem. Most if not all of the manufacturers have makings on the clamp area for degrees of pitch. But I have yet to see one that has a centerline mark.

The Final Say

We all know that aero trumps weight. Getting an aero drop bar is a quick way to buy some speed. So we contacted the folks at FSA. The Metron flat 4D drop bar is pretty amazing. It's really aero because it partially has no frontal area. It was such a big difference between our regular round bars that I could actually feel the difference going into the wind. This bar has some really great features and you can choose from three different options. We were sent the 4D with extensions ($703.00). This is ment for triathlons. But you can use that in TT, Gravel and if you remove the extensions cyclocross and road racing. The other option is without the Extensions ($425.00). Same bar minus the extensions and hardware. The final option is the metron aero bar($420.00). It's the same bar without the drilling for the extensions or hardware. So you can't add anything to the bar. It's purely for drop bar events and activities. It's also only 230g vs 267g for the two extension models. This bar is fast and you lose a hand position. You would think that riding on the tops would be natural. BUT it's so flat that it's really not an option. However the hand position on the hoods is extra comfy and so are the drops. Props for offering 3 options and great job on making these things so aero. The other nice thing is that you can use this bar with just about any bike you have. All you need is a different stem. Not like the integrated bar/stem combos out there. If you are particular about your fit on the bike having a bar/stem combo can limit you to the frames that you can use it with.

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