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Metron 40 Tubular

Review: Metron 40 Tubular

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We Liked

We got these wheels a few months back and I can see why everyone wants a pair of these wheels. They are very aero and they spin up to speed as if they had a FTL drive installed in them. FTL what? Sorry FTL stands for "Faster Than Light" and its a term used in a Sci-Fi series BSG. Anyway aside from my Sci-Fi geekyness the Metron wheels are fast and tough. We put them on our SS Torelli cross project and they were awesome. We didn't have any problems in any situation with them. So instead of going on and on about them I thought I would just make a list of why I love these wheels.

  • Super aero, 40mm
  • Wide Rim, .25mm
  • Super light weight, 1320g
  • Super Smooth, Ceramic bearings!
  • Accelerates like a Formula 1 race car

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

When you enter the sport of cycling the biggest upgrade you can make is your wheels and this would be a big upgrade to just about any bike whether its a road, cross or single speed steed. The wheels are light and I wonder if they filled them with helium or hid a Tesla engine in the rear hub. Because when you jump on the gas hang on as there is no delay and no roar from a gas turbine just the noise of the aero spokes slicing though the air. If you can afford them there is only a few wheels in the world that are in this class and those wheels are more expensive or located in Europe. Lets just say if you roll up into the starting grid with these babies they guys around you are going to start to worry. Great Job on creating a awesome wheel set. 5 very loud cow bells!

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