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Metron 40 Disc Clincher

Review: Metron 40 Disc Clincher

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We Liked

A while back we did a review on the Metron 40 wheels for the site. We put them on a SS cross bike and boy were they fast. Well Vision has a clincher disc version out and they are pretty sweet hoops. So why clinchers? Well this will increase the usage of the wheels. They become more flexible in that you can quickly change the tire so you can get the right tire for the right situation. Did the course conditions just change in the last 30 min with a sudden down pour. Or do you race late in the day and the course got dried out? There is no doubt that the clincher is the more flexible. Now that everything is going to disc you can use them on the road as well as the dirt. Here are a few things that we like about them.

  • Light weight
  • Super Aero
  • Spins up nicely
  • Good looking wheel set
  • Wide rims
  • Smooth operator

We Didn't Like

The only thing that we didn't like about the wheel set is more of a personal thing. Its the price point of them I have a hard time dropping $2500 for a wheel set. however if you can use them for road and cross then you have something. But right now our road bike is rim brake and our cross steeds are all disc. But a lot of the wheels in this category is dropping in this price point.

The Final Say

In this day the state of braking is going over to disc. slowly but surely. You see more and more companies making not only cyclocross bikes with disc but also road bikes with disc brakes. So now it is becoming that you can use wheels again for cross and road. It was the gravel grinder market that is paving the way for road disc brakes in the market. We are seeing a few but we will see more pro cyclocross racers using disc bikes this year and I'm sure that number will grow even more. The Metron40 clincher discis at the front of the pack. They are pretty light, tough and fast. They come with ceramic bearings and so once they are up to speed they stay there. We had no problems with wheel flex and the low rim profile made them easy to guide in and out of the single track of Powell Butte park. The price of carbon hoops is on the rise in the market and I suspect that in a few years the price will come down a bit. At 2,500 these are not the most expensive wheels but that price tag is hard for me to swallow personally. Otherwise, these wheels are fast and a lot of fun to take out on to the trail. So put them in the same category as the others (Zipp, Easton, Reynolds, HED, ENVE, DT Swiss, etc..) in this price point and they are a winner.

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