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Mavic Crossmax SL MTB pedals

Review: Mavic Crossmax SL MTB pedals

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We Liked

When I first went to clipless pedals I used another brand of ATAC pedals. At the time, I thought that's what the brand was, but It appears it is a technology. Or is it a mechanism? Or is it a concept? Or a functionality? It is called all of those things on one page, but never did Mavic tell me what it stood for. Although I had a hard time finding out what the acronym stood for, I figured it was NOT the trademarked ATAC: Active Tactile Array Cueing, which has to do with acoustics. I finally found out it stands for: Auto Tension Adjust Concept.

For this review purpose, according to Mavic, the ATAC feature (yes, now a feautre) means that the "Foot retention and release are independent from spring tension (feel adjustment). So the the Pedals have a consistent reaction no matter the settings. The unique design of the Atac cleat offers choice between 13° and 17° release angles."

I would agree. The pedals are very consistent. There is an active engagement that I can feel, which I like, knowing that I am clipped in. They are smooth to clip in and out and with two different degrees of release angles, you can decide how much you want to twist your ankle. They have a stable platform and are very simple to install, with very little adjustment on the cleats. Although they claim to have lateral and angular float, which I could not detect in my testing.

The Crossmax SL pedals are nondescript in matte black. They seem to clear mud and dirt out easily enough, although I was not able to test in real thick consistent mud. They are lighter than some competitors pedals, but heavier than some. Weight should not be a issue with these redesigned pedals. If you upgrade to the TI, you lose another 40 grams. I will have to beat them up a bit more to report on durability, but they appear to be about the same as most in the industry.

We Didn't Like

The same 'simple to install cleats' that I like also leaves very little adjustment side to side, although they claim to have 2.5 mm of lateral float and 5 mm of angular float. There is argument for both the float and secure placement. But just know, whether good or bad, there is no micro adjustment when putting your cleats on your shoes. You better hope they feel good where they land. If you are highly sensitive about your cleat placement, this may not be the pedal/cleat system for you. But for the vast majority, it should work just fine. They are a bit spendy, but hopefully you get what you pay for?!?

The Final Say

If you are a long time ATAC user, these are great pedals that are well constructed and a nice matte black finish, if color matters. They work like an atac pedal and shed mud well. Pedals are very much a personal preference and if you have as many bikes as I do, it would be a hard pill to swallow to change all bikes over to a new system. It becomes a very costly proposition. But if you are looking for a solid pedal and just starting out, and price is no issue, it is a great pedal. It will ride well on the trails and in a cross race. Get your pedal on!!!

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