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Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois Cream

Review: Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois Cream

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We Liked

Pete Smith started Mad Alchemy years ago, making small batches of embrocation in his Colorado home. Today, Mad Alchemy has over ten different embrocations, chamois cream, and socks and other apparels. Mad Alchemy products can all be easily found on their website.

Right off the bat, when opening a fresh tub of Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois cream I like that this product is perfume free. It does have some light pleasant smell but that comes from the natural ingredients used. I've worn this chamois cream both on extreme cold, wet and rainy days as well as hot and humid days and this product stands up to everything I've thrown at it. This chamois cream is vegan, cruelty free, petroleum free, has no animal testing and contains no animal ingredients. This will keep people who research the impact of the products they use very happy and something I like to see in my skin care products, as well.

While riding, the Pro+ Chamois Cream is smooth and the perfect consistency. It never feels too thick but it feels thick enough to not wear off when I rode in heavy rains. Also, as a plus it's easy to wash off your hands after applying and before your ride. I've experienced some thicker chamois creams that won't wash off my hands very easily and that can be bothersome.

We Didn't Like

There't not much I can truthfully say in the "didn't like" category. I was going to write about not having small size travel packs, but Mad Alchemy makes this product in travel sizes.

The Final Say

Buy this product if you're a cyclist at any level. If you ride a mountain bikes, cyclocross bike, road bike or any combination you will love this product and you'll continue to use it over and over again. Buy a big jar to use at home and travel packs to take with you on your adventures.

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