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Mad Alchamey Warming Embrocation

Review: Mad Alchamey Warming Embrocation

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We Liked

This Cold Weather Embrocation is ideal for use during cyclocross and riding in temperatures below 60 degrees. This product is the cornerstone of the Mad Alchemy line up, specifically engineered to provide a steady, long term feeling of warmth to your legs back and even your neck. So Mad Alchemy put some pretty good stuff in their embro and it is all natural. This includes high quality Grapeseed and Soybean Oils, unbleached beeswax and a helping of raw, unrefined West African Shea Butter. There are a few other goodies in there to provide you with a smooth warmth and aroma. So the beeswax is the water repellant and the Shea Butter is what moisturizesthe skin. The things we liked about the embro.

  • Repells water
  • Its warm for sure
  • Moisterises the skin
  • Helps in the warm up
  • Smells good
  • Made by cyclist for cyclist
  • A little goes a long way
  • Nice bronze color

We Didn't Like

So you just need to be thoughtful and prepared when using this stuff. Here is what I mean by this. Be sure to dress first and then apply the embro. If you applythe embro and then dress you will get it on your clothing while you are pulling it on and you WILL get it on your private parts and let me tell you that is something you DON'T WANT. You also need something to remove it as its really really hard to get off. I would suggest a dish soap and a rough wash cloth. Careful not to touch your eyes with your hands after you apply it OR have a glove to apply it and take the glove off after the application.

The Final Say

If you race cyclocross you need embro. Its almost like having clipless pedals or mud tires. The guys at Mad Alchemy make some good stuff that will keep your legs warm when its cold and wet outside. The water and mud will splash up but your protective barrier will mean that the the water will just bounce off. Mud will have a little harder time sticking to you as well. And as a added bonus your legs will look really good as well. With this stuff a little goes a long way and one application last for hours and hours.. So we recommend that when you apply it that you spend some time rubbing it into your legs so that it penetrates sooner and will start to work sooner. One of the other things that we liked about the product is that is smells really nice. My wife actually like the way it smells on me so that is a bonus.. Just make sure that you are thoughtful in its application and removal and it will serve you well.

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